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  1. chestermcdragon

    anyone do a young ol' chap a favor?

    hey! back from an AMAZING concert of my fav band(saving jane...met the whole band!) and i come home and see that people posted videos of over half the songs sang there.but,i wanna be able to hear some of these on my i pod.anyone just give me the music to these videos? please! i'll be ur best...
  2. chestermcdragon

    havent seen a thread on this so im starting one...

    just look him up.i think its the most believable one.hes the only one i completely believe in.also look up "mothman prophecies"...great movie.
  3. chestermcdragon

    havent seen a thread on this so im starting one...

    about know,bigfoot,nessie,mothman.what ones do u believe in?
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    ok so i have a song i love,its two is far from home,and the other is called ohio,but there put together in one song.i was wondering if anyone knows how i could separate them?
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    could some one make me an avatar? like a flippin sweet one u see on like and stuff? i want it to be like (big letters on top) "summer is about..." (then little blue letters) the feel of the sand between your toes the sound of new summer music the look of your new sumer...
  7. chestermcdragon

    dont know if this is possible or not... thanks so much dude
  8. chestermcdragon

    dont know if this is possible or not...

    can someone possibly take this video: and just give me the sound? i want to put this song in my i pod.
  9. chestermcdragon

    Top 10 Non-Muppet Songs

    i'll keep you my dirty little secret,dont tell anyone or you'll be just another reject...
  10. chestermcdragon

    What Singers/bands Have You Seen In Concert?

    saving jane bo bice erin mckeown anne mccue chicago styx bad company john melloncamp
  11. chestermcdragon

    My new site is up!!!!!

    *borat voice* nice!
  12. chestermcdragon

    inside jokes?

    what are some inside jokes between you and your friends?(delete this if there is a thread like this already) mine are britney spears mustard! i really dont know! the lights on...they're dead! clockwise i was like "dude!!!...check it OUT!!!" on sale!!! music is the devil!!!
  13. chestermcdragon

    Nic Names...we've all got them

    Z-Boy Danny Boy Danny Branch (my obbsession of michelle branch)
  14. chestermcdragon

    Secular movies with religious undertones

    i was thinking the same thing,super scooter.well,maybe its because we are both JWS
  15. chestermcdragon

    Sing, sing a song - Songs you love, songs you hate...

    what?! you hate REBA?!?! the QUEEN of country?!!?!?!?!?!?! whats wrong with you?! i LOVE her!!!
  16. chestermcdragon

    Ultimate CD

    1.saving jane 2.avril lavigne 3.justin timberlake 4.johnny cash 5.three days grace 6.joanna 7.jag star 8.feist 9.AFI 10.white stripes
  17. chestermcdragon

    i have a one-of-a-kind dictionary...

    do you ever make up your own words? me and my friends are just a few. Cornyisms (CORN-EE-ISEMS) "The Cornyisms Of This Movie Is Off The Charts!" Confuzzled (CUN-FUZZ-ELD) "I Am Confuzzled!"(Or Confused) Suckatude(SUCK-AH-TOOD) "The Suckatude Of That Kid IS 90%"...
  18. chestermcdragon

    interested in some spiderman comics?

    if no one bids on this im like done with ebay.i have tried to sell like 10 things for real cheap and no one bought them.
  19. chestermcdragon

    interested in some spiderman comics?