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  1. SSLFan

    Cookie Monster dethrones Elmo

    found this interesting article Seems that Cookie is now the most popular character, though that kinda seemed obvious lately haha. Thoughts?
  2. SSLFan

    Muppeteer Fran Brill's official retirement

    That's sad to hear if true. Especially coming from a show which made a valid effort to increase the number of female characters present. To have 1 of the most prominent in recent years (Zoe) and have the one that paved the way for the other girls (Prairie) be phased out of the show is quite...
  3. SSLFan

    Muppeteer Fran Brill's official retirement

    New Sesame special? What is it?
  4. SSLFan

    Muppeteer Fran Brill's official retirement

    I'm overwhelmingly sad by this news. As someone stated, it does feel like the end of an era. However, I wish her the best in her retirement. Ms. Brill was a big part of my Sesame experience, and I will always cherish the great memories she brought to the show and my childhood.
  5. SSLFan

    Sesame Street Season 45 Episode 4505 - Enthusiastic Penelope Penguin

    Really? Hmm. I've felt that this season is the first in a long time in which SS has had that "ensemble" feel again. I know it's still early in the season, but outside of the usual Elmo & Abby and the always superior Grover and Cookie moments/segments, this season has been promising. The...
  6. SSLFan

    TV Alert: Sesame Street on Good Morning America September 12, 2014

    This could've totally been the perfect opening song in an ensemble street story.
  7. SSLFan

    Sesame Street Season 45 Episode 4502 - Bert's Training Wheels

    Whoever's voicing Ernie is the same guy who's done his voice in the past 2 Sesame Street Live shows, Can't Stop Singing (2012) and Make A New Friend (2013). I believe his name is Billy Barkhurst. I will say, he does sound closer to Jim Henson in...
  8. SSLFan

    Coming Soon: Sesame Street Season 45

    I love how Joey at times (at the beginning) talks to the audience in his regular voice while still puppeteering Murray, lol.
  9. SSLFan

    Coming Soon: Sesame Street Season 45

    On another note, does anyone know why Steve Whitmire isn't featured in the puppeteer bios? I know he's not a 'regular' as much but he does play a principal character with Ernie.
  10. SSLFan

    Coming Soon: Sesame Street Season 45

    I've never been more excited for a sesame street season the way I am now! Season 45 looks very promising, especially considering they appear to be focusing more on other characters just besides Elmo and Abby. I'm looking forward to the Best Friends day episode, since it'll seem like a good Zoe...
  11. SSLFan

    Where in the world is Caroll Spinney?

    Does anyone know of any upcoming appearances with Mr. Spinney?
  12. SSLFan

    Coming Soon: Sesame Street Season 45

    I wonder who's doing Big Bird since Matt is performing The Count. Couldn't be Carroll since that's Matt's Big Bird puppet they're using.
  13. SSLFan

    Coming Soon: Sesame Street Season 45

    SO I JUST SAW THE GREATEST THING POSTED ON INSTAGRAM!! They're filming Word of the Day segments, and guess who's making an appearance with Murray at the Staten Island zoo.... BIG BIRD!! Even if it may be a one time thing this season, I hope it convinces the writers to use Bird more for...
  14. SSLFan

    Sesame Street Live: Let's Dance!

    Interesting there, Sesame Lover. Are you involved with the show?
  15. SSLFan

    Sesame Street Live: Let's Dance!

    The all-new Sesame Street Live show for the 2014-15 season has been announced! Here's more info: "Your favorite friends are dancing in the street…Sesame Street, that is! Join Elmo, Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby and friends as they share fun renditions of Sesame Street songs, introduce new...
  16. SSLFan

    Your Thoughts: Sesame Street Season 44

    The lack of Ernie and Bert is very frustrating. I know Steve is busy with Kermit, and doesn't live in NY close to Sesame Street, but still. I mean if Jim and Frank could make time back in the old days to film some inserts - and they were VERY busy keep in mind - then Steve can. And honestly, if...
  17. SSLFan

    New Holiday Picture from Sesame Workshop

    I think Prairie is semi-retired, since Fran still makes appearances with her outside the show. Plus she recently appeared in the Count-tribute episode after a 5 year absence. Not to mention her appearances in theme parks, stage show, etc.
  18. SSLFan

    Sesame Street Live: Make a New Friend

    Anyone know who voices Chamki in this show?
  19. SSLFan

    Kenan and Kel Back on TV!

    If anything, I'd love to see a reunion between the two.