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  1. GWGumby

    Muppet prototypes

    Hey everybody. It's been a while since I visited, but Palisades is down and I need to get the word out. I couldn't see any rules that forbid cross-posting, so I hope this is okay. I just created a thread to advertise some Muppet prototypes I've got on eBay that end tomorrow. With Palisades...
  2. GWGumby

    How about some Muppet prototypes for Christmas?

    Hey everybody! Long time no post. I've got over a dozen Palisades prototypes up for auction on eBay right now. Many of them are currently going for less than the price of the actual figure. I'm sad to let these go, but I need to pay for Christmas presents...
  3. GWGumby

    Academy Awards

    Oh, I don't condemn him for what he did in the slightest. I just mean that given his reputation and his films, there was absolutely no way he was going to pass up such a public opportunity and NOT introduce some type of controversy. I mean, that's what the guy does. And not saying he didn't...
  4. GWGumby

    Palisades Board Refugee Camp

    Seeing as how I just got passed up, I'll cross my fingers that a few of them do disappear.
  5. GWGumby

    Academy Awards

    I believe he meant that everybody else thought Moore went over the line. Personally, I think everyone was ready for him to do something controversial and had their boos ready to go the moment his name was read. I'm surprised they weren't handing out tomatoes in the aisles prior to the...
  6. GWGumby

    What Happened with my "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?"

    I composed my first song sitting in the bushes. I've found that to be a very artistically inspirational spot. Speaking of cold, lonely, freaky Mormons, I kept an empty can of Root Beer on my desk for over six months in France just so that I could inhale once in a while for the faintest hint...
  7. GWGumby

    New Figures Desktop Image

    camax - I'll try and send them to you. You may have to wait awhile since today's my day off, and I may be going on a business trip immediately Monday morning. The files are on my work computer, and I'm not sure when I'll be there and logged on to Muppet Central to remember to send them to you...
  8. GWGumby

    New Figures Desktop Image

    While I'm here, I should also point out I made two revisions to my current Muppet Desktop Collage v10.2: This includes the new version of First Mate Piggy from the recent Daily Bit and a slightly altered Pepe along with a couple other...
  9. GWGumby

    New Figures Desktop Image

    Sure I wouldn't mind sending you the source files. I've done quite a bit of manipulating and color modifications, so if you're looking for accuracy, I can't give you that. But you can use whatever's there. I can't claim any credit for it, since most of it is just ripped off from other...
  10. GWGumby

    FAN SURVEY: Muppet Antenna Toppers

    I love the idea of Antenna Toppers as a way of personlizing one's vehicle as well as being able to find said vehicle in a crowded parking lot more easily. That being said, I used to make my own homemade antenna toppers which I'd construct and paint and add accessories to. They would usually...
  11. GWGumby

    Hallmark to Feature New Muppet Ornaments!!!!!

    I'm definitely interested, so please do share the information when you get it.
  12. GWGumby


    I've never understood serial strips either. I have tried several times to get into them, but it has never worked. You're right in saying they move too slowly. In a three panel strip you've got 1 frame to review where you were in the story, 1 frame to establish where you are now, and 1 frame...
  13. GWGumby

    Which Series Three Figure Is Your Favorite?

    My favorite is Rowlf. He is just so classy and the piano is just absolutely amazing. My least favorite is Scooter because he has two of the same hand making one of them backwards. He's got a lot of great accessories, but to me that makes him a weaker character. I would rather have one or...
  14. GWGumby

    Palisades In 'Playing With Dolls'

    That's why I can't read Dilbert any more.
  15. GWGumby


    Greats like Far Side and Calvin & Hobbes? How long has it been since they were retired? Almost a decade? Where are those great strips that were supposed to rise up and take their place? There are some good modern strips like Dilbert that have grown on me, but it feels like the golden age...
  16. GWGumby

    Ask Ken at Palisades

    Quit complaining or I'll turn this car around right now and no one will be going to Grandma's! Now get back on your own side!
  17. GWGumby

    Doughnut Week

    Aaaaaahhhh! MuppetDanny, your avatar is inducing 80s PacMan flashbacks! wockawockawockawockawockawocka
  18. GWGumby

    My Webcomic launches/Just wanted to say thanks

    Good luck Beaker/Cory. I hope things go well for you. Is anyone else here reminded of that Ben Folds Five song, "Steven's Last Night In Town"?
  19. GWGumby

    Steppin' Out Beaker/Doc Bunsen Honeydew

    If you are joining the Collector's Club you won't need a friend to pick up convention exclusives. That's what the Collector's Club is for. However, you can get your figures faster if you have someone pick them up for you since the figures are usually not available to the Collector's Club...
  20. GWGumby

    Ask Ken at Palisades

    I really wouldn't count on it. Just because a celebrity appeared on the Muppet Show does not give anyone with a Muppet Show license the right to use their image. If Palisades wanted to consider making figures of the celebrities they would have to seek out and pay individual licenses for each...