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  1. AfricAnimalAZ

    Could Between the Lions ever come back?

    Yes! Thank you!
  2. AfricAnimalAZ

    Could Between the Lions ever come back?

    I really liked the "What's Cooking?" segments...
  3. AfricAnimalAZ

    Could Between the Lions ever come back?

    It's all starting to come back now...still haven't revisited the show yet, but that name is by all means familiar. The bit with the puppeteers really sounds like something to see. And speaking of familiar, I think I also remember there being a cat and dog interacting with each other at some...
  4. AfricAnimalAZ

    Could Between the Lions ever come back?

    Definitely remember "Puzzle Place" (*by name at least) - I had no idea for a while he was on it -- maybe time to go revisit it...
  5. AfricAnimalAZ

    Could Between the Lions ever come back?

    Here's a rare behind-the-scenes video I thought everyone might like.
  6. AfricAnimalAZ

    Could Between the Lions ever come back?

    Hi, First time speaking in this particular thread today after lurking a while. Sorry to take away from the previous discussion, but I was wondering if anyone had talked at all about the music on/from BTL yet. As long as I've followed, I don't remember that it had ever been brought up (*but I...
  7. AfricAnimalAZ

    Remembering Caroll Spinney (December 26, 1933-December 8, 2019)

    Everyone, Like many of you, I'm still trying to find the words, but remain speechless. I found out about this devastating loss on what has become yesterday afternoon, and even now, am overcome with deep sadness. With it are feelings of frustration and disbelief - I've since been...
  8. AfricAnimalAZ

    Muppet Pundit: The Steve Whitmire Blog

    Hi! Hadn't been here for a while (quite glad this thread was bumped). I'll admit -- in a way, while the blog's end is disappointing, it's also good (*but I have to be honest, it's still more disappointing to me). Those relentless trolls had conquered the blog and turned it into a remorseless ...
  9. AfricAnimalAZ

    Favorite MCU Movie

    - Captain America: Civil War - Thor: Ragnarok - Black Panther (Favorite so far) - Avengers: Infinity War (some scenes)
  10. AfricAnimalAZ

    Stan Lee dead at 95

    A great loss, the sadness is deep -- RIP Stan - from a fan of the Marvel/MCU movies.
  11. AfricAnimalAZ

    What song can you not get out of your head?

    Nice choice! Someone was raised right...this comes from another MJ fan. Long live the King of Pop's music!
  12. AfricAnimalAZ

    Muppet Fan Confessions

    I also agree with what he said. Now if only he'd come back...I wish I was there to defend him when the trolls initially attacked. Of course, I'd never want for them to return (or new attackers to come), but in the worst case, if needed, I will say something this time -- I've got responses ready...
  13. AfricAnimalAZ

    Muppet Fan Confessions

    (For those who were visitors of/on SW's blog,) I'm eager for a 'Muppet Pundit' reunion - I hope I'm not wrong, and it's not like I think of it all the time, but I often tell myself on the inside that we'll be talking there again in just a few days...or possibly within the next month -- assuming...
  14. AfricAnimalAZ

    A year ago today that the whole "ker-fuffle" started...

    As weird and stubborn as it sounds, I'm still, even after one year, in disbelief that this happened. However, the plus side is that we got Muppet Pundit out of it, on which I hope SW will eventually return to posting (and many of us for congregating) - looking forward to that and his new projects.
  15. AfricAnimalAZ

    Your Thoughts: Black Panther - *Contains Spoilers*

    Hi, Had not been here for some time, but when I came back and saw this thread, I knew I needed to add to it. I saw Black Panther a month ago, and here are my thoughts: (*Disclaimer: to anyone who has not yet seen this film and/or plans to, PLEASE DO NOT read any further – I’d hate to...
  16. AfricAnimalAZ

    Steve Whitmire has left the Muppets, Matt Vogel to continue as Kermit

    I wish the performer who departed most recently would himself get his own documentary. Twenty-seven years as one character is no small feat, but almost four decades with the Muppets...? Is that NOT the equivalent of a (doc-worthy) legacy? There, I'm finished -- you're free to end this...
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    R.I.P. Robert Guillllaume

    Yep, no problem! : )
  18. AfricAnimalAZ

    R.I.P. Robert Guillllaume

    For those interested, here is a documentary special about the making of The Lion King. I recommend watching -- it's full of fascinating stuff! More importantly, the reason I brought this up is because it's narrated by the actor himself. I think aside from being a TLK fan, his narration is the...
  19. AfricAnimalAZ

    R.I.P. Robert Guillllaume

    Sorry for double-posting. I just realized that my avatar happens to be from that movie!