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  1. towels

    Your Thoughts: Oz Music on MCR

    Did the MWoO add affect the playlists? I don't remember hearing the same songs this frequently over the course of a workday before (for example: Danny Boy by Beaker, Animal, and Swedish Chef). How many hours of programming is there? :confused:
  2. towels

    Grover on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" this Monday

    Weren't there some Nightline appearances? :sleep:
  3. towels

    Your Thoughts: Farscape Peacekeeper Wars

    Wow, that was fantastic. Very, very cool. Suddenly the opening and closing of part one even makes sense. Wow. Of course, my cynical nature makes me think that part of the reason Sci-Fi is showing it three times a night and again on Sunday is the divide the audience numbers so they can have a...
  4. towels

    Your Thoughts: Farscape Peacekeeper Wars

    I thought it was real good, but I'll agree that it felt rushed. The whole big blowing up John and Aryen thing that ended the series was pretty much thrown away with a "It was a mistake" line. It was cool seeing Rygel swim and all, but how they got to that point felt skipped. Classic Farscape...
  5. towels

    Farscape mini-series in development for 2004

    Yeah, they wanted to get away from the space fanboy geek image as you can tell by their recent additions of a Stargate spin-off and Roddenberry's Andromeda. :rolleyes:
  6. towels

    Figures broken in packaging

    Heh. I'm a little slow in responses I guess. I was talking about Target-they won't even entertain a conversation without a receipt. Which is too bad because I really like them otherwise.
  7. towels

    Your Thoughts: The Street We Live On far 13 people voted as liking this...I wanna hear their side. In the meantime, I'll try to find the good things... Was that Brian in the 10 bit? I liked the taxi stalling on the pinball set. I thought Grover sounded really good, especially at the beginning. I liked the seatbelt...
  8. towels

    Henson sells Muppets to Disney

    Well, after TMM, GMC, and MTM of course... ;) I want to vote for both choices though.
  9. towels

    Star Wars Muppet figures next?

    Also keep in mind that it may not be Lucas's feelings that matter. Allowing another company to release Star Warsish figures could cause problems with Lucas's current toy licensees.
  10. towels

    Muppets to star in Pizza Hut Super Bowl Commercial

    The reason the Muppets Pizza Hut commercial was never seen in most of the ad reviews is because it aired before kick-off and was not a true Super Bowl commercial. I imagine pregame rates are slightly cheaper... :)
  11. towels

    "Edgy" New Muppet Show: What happened?

    You can find the Animaniacs movie "Wakko's Wish" in the rotation on Cartoon Network.
  12. towels

    Koozebane Kermit Arrives: When and Where

    I was at my neighborhood Target Wednesday and they hadn't reset yet. There were clearance signs sticking out from every shelf possible though.
  13. towels Page 2's Page 2 section is having a contest of famous animals (in response to the Seabiscuit movie). Kermit made it out of the first round, but he could use your support to win out. Vote Here! :)
  14. towels

    Figures broken in packaging

    It is perhaps unfortunate that the big "brick and mortar" retailer that is going to be the primary source for these figures has evolved such an unfriendly and unhelpful return policy. :smirk:
  15. towels

    Henson showcases new products at Licensing Show 2003

    Is there some sort of irony that they have one of their biggest licensing presentations in years just before cutting their entire licensing department? :concern: :confused: :o
  16. towels

    Muppet Film and TV References

    Doesn't Frank do a cameo in almost all of Landis's movies?
  17. towels

    Your Thoughts: Muppet Monopoly Collector's Edition

    I probably overpaid for mine at an independant games store yesterday, but for some reason after I picked it up, it just wouldn't leave my hand... :rolleyes: This was obviously made by fans. All the attention and detail are awesome. I even managed to resist looking through all the Penguin...
  18. towels

    Muppet Cookies Coming To Starbucks

    I'd shell out some cash for Yorick merchandise... :zany:
  19. towels

    vBulletin 3.0 Beta: Bug Reports

    Maybe I'm not being patient enough, but the last couple of times I've entered the forums from the main page I've gotten a blank white screen (with Done down in the bottom bar). I hit refresh and it loaded fine. I'm using IE 5.5
  20. towels

    MGM Studios Muppets

    Disneyworld is set up like four different theme parks (each with their own admission fee) Magic Kingdom is similar to Disneyland Epcot is more of a global-wonders of mankind type thing Animal Kingdom is much like it sounds Disney-MGM studios is the one that has the Muppets. :) It's a...