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Search results

  1. dmoss

    Vinylmation Trading Center

    With the release of Muppet Series #2 of the Vinylmation, I think it would be a fun idea to have a trading hub for anyone looking for certain figures in their collection. If you have a character you have 73 of, or you're just looking to get rid of it for some reason, post it here (preferably...
  2. dmoss

    Selling: Palisades Figures

    Hi, guys! I'm putting a few of my Palisades guys on eBay here pretty soon, and in case anyone was interested, I thought I'd give you the first stab at some of them. I'm charging $3.50 for shipping. I can only accept Paypal, and can only ship to the lower 48 states in the USA. Thanks! Any offers...
  3. dmoss

    Live Twitter Event Right Now!

    Right now, you can catch a LIVE Twitter event, as Pepe posts from the Muppet Kitchen, as they tape episodes for the web series! Check it out, okay? :rolleyes: Muppets on Twitter!
  4. dmoss

    For Sale: Muppet Labs Playset & Invisible Beaker

    I have up for sale, a Muppet Labs Playset, new, and un-opened in the box (along with Beaker, of course). I made a mistake and bid on a second playset when I had already bid on another. Consequently, I won both; go figure! I do not yet have the playset in my possession (both are in-transit...
  5. dmoss

    eBay Muppet Treasures and How You Found Them!

    Lots of times, there are treasures to be found when you look hard enough...and sometimes for a great price! eBay usually has some great products, but with high prices, or outrageous shipping charges. However, once in a while, there's a special Muppety item that you snag at a steal! What have...
  6. dmoss

    For Sale: LOTS of Stuff!

    Well, I have accumulated some Muppety Stuff that I'm looking to pass on to others, for a fair price. My Fozzie collection has come with a lot of things that I didn't necessarily buy on purpose, but things that came along with a Fozzie purchase I made. So, I've got some things to unload! If...
  7. dmoss

    Wanted: Fozzie Palisades

    I've been searching eBay for Fozzie Palisades, and most of them seem a bit over-priced. I mean, that could just be me, as I've not checked the Completed Transactions page to see which ones actually sold at $40 or $50 each...but I digress. I'm looking to buy Steppin' Out Fozzie, and Invisible...
  8. dmoss

    Mother's Day Banner

    I love that Mother's Day banner on the main site! I didn't even know Mama Fiama even existed...! :p Love how Fozzie's ears wiggle, and Cookie's eyes are googly! Totally a fun banner! :)
  9. dmoss

    What Disney/Muppet Pins Do You Have...?

    I hadn't seen a thread like this one, so I thought I'd ask everyone what Disney pins they happen to have! I was really excited this afternoon, as I completed my Fozzie Solo set of Disney pins! I got two of the more sought-after pins on eBay for pretty cheap, but was really excited about it...
  10. dmoss

    Muppets with Tails...

    I was thinking about this the other day, and thought it would be interesting to hear what you all had to say about it! I noticed that on the turn-around of the Fozzie Pook-a-Looz on Disney's website, there's a small, button tail on him...! I got to thinking about it, and couldn't remember if...
  11. dmoss

    For Sale: Baby Fozzie Plush Pattern!

    Hi, guys! I have an uncut pattern for creating your own Baby Fozzie plush. It comes complete with the patterns for not only Fozzie's body, but his clothes, too! If anyone is interested, just drop me a message, and hopefully we can work something out! I'd also be interested in trading with...
  12. dmoss

    The News Link on the banner...

    So, the News link on the banner at the top of the page leads to a page with news from 2007, and there doesn't seem to be a simple way to get to the front page of the website. For the last few months, I just thought the site wasn't being updated. :insatiable: Would it make sense to any else to...
  13. dmoss

    Wanted: Fozzie Disney Pins

    I'm looking for the Fozzie Disney Pin from around 2008. It's the one of him standing up, with the banana up to his ear. I'm also looking for the 2004 pin, with Fozzie dancing, and holding his hat in his hands. Just let me know what they might be worth to you! I'd be willing to trade, but I'm...
  14. dmoss

    Fozzie Plushies

    So, tonight I bought my first Fozzie Plushie on eBay! I've been doing a lot of searching on Google, the Muppet Wiki, and even around here for some of the different Plush that's been released in years passed. I'm just wondering where this one fits into the puzzle, though...
  15. dmoss

    Who is Your Number Five...?

    I hear a lot about "The Five" around here, and know who the first four are, but I've always heard people with differing opinions on exactly who "Number Five" is...so, let everyone know who your Number Five is: Rowlf, Animal, Scooter, or someone else? 1. Kermit 2. Fozzie 3. Piggy 4. Gonzo 5. ...
  16. dmoss

    Favorite Puppet Production Company?

    There are several really great puppet making companies out there, and I was wondering what everyone was a fan of! I know a lot of people around here like to create their own puppets, but there are many good ones offered by companies. I tend to like the quality of Sunny Puppets...they're...
  17. dmoss

    Muppet Babies: Puppets?

    Does anyone know if there were ever ever any MB Puppets created for shows, or otherwise? They would be pretty interesting to see, methinks...