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Search results

  1. renegade

    Enjoy please let you know what you think?

    I Directed these...built and designed the whole thing. please enjoy I feel the writing is a bit weak but you have to learn to roll with what your given.. Greetings From **** 1, 2, 3 Shakespeare Motor Mouth Malone Confucius say I had two amazing puppeteers on this Project the were more then...
  2. renegade

    A Green Beaver and a Purple Frog ????

    Sure anything is possible in the Big Magic Book . I Created these puppets for two great friends of mine for one of the Seq. of the Puppet project Big Magic Book ! Also these puppets were created using ProjectPuppet.com patterns with a little bit of modification
  3. renegade

    Swazzle it Rulled the school!!

    Just got back from the Swazzle show what a blast! There is some great acting in there and the kids loved it ! If any one ever get's a chance please check it out ! Great puppet design also . So sorry I was unable to introduce myself my little boy was on the move . He was a bit young for the...
  4. renegade

    Care for a Drink ?

    Here is the little Bartender man I made . I tryed to show how expressive he can be! By the way, he was made from the new Projectpuppet.com Simple Pattern. I get my Inspiration from all of you here! Thanks Gang..
  5. renegade

    Bezalel These Test Look GREAT!!!

    It's So nice see when to work becomes ALIVE!!! Gal and Gals checkit out here!!! Look for the test clips entry
  6. renegade

    Hey Gang did you see these???

    http://img133.imageshack.us/img133/6492/gonzo1to3.jpg http://img133.imageshack.us/img133/8919/gonzo2cz7.jpg http://img46.imageshack.us/img46/8559/gonzo3wy9.jpg http://img74.imageshack.us/img74/9290/gonzo4cp3.jpg http://img74.imageshack.us/img74/769/gonzo5pn3.jpg...
  7. renegade

    New fella..

    Hi gang here is a little fella I made for some one at San Francisco children’s hospital . I just hope It will cheer them up!! There's way to much reality in this world so remember that each day is a gift!!! 1 2 3
  8. renegade

    Pouring and plastic?

    Hey gang I would like to start making my own eyes . Can anyone help ? what do I kind of liquid do I use ? do I need to bake them ? I Know Keeermit has been doing it for some time now . I would love to see some pic's of how it's done thanks
  9. renegade

    Dig my new Puppet stands!!!

    Only $.99 each at the dollar store and they work like a charm!! :smirk:
  10. renegade

    Ernie's 2nd cousin on his father side

    Just finshed my new puppet gang . photo 01 photo 02 photo 03 ebay link
  11. renegade

    Hey puppetise is this you on Ebay ?

    this puppet right here ? if it is you what a great little fella you did there !!! lots of fun and it looks very well done. can you tell me about the fur is that done with a bit of white glue and water? great job and take care:)
  12. renegade

    My Buy it now puppets & COUNTIN MY CHICKENS!

    Hey gang I need to raise $125.00 for a deposit on a Camera rental by the end of today soooo I've put three of my puppets up on the ebay with low buy it prices These are all brand new puppets based on 2 of my previous designs I just used some of the same pic to save time but these are ready to...
  13. renegade

    Got any hot Tips??

    Does anyone have any tips for making fur grunged up kind of matted and twirled like sesames streets Oscars or grover and tele I’ve tried soaking it in water but to no avail. Also just tried to handle it a lot but still no dice ! If anyone can help me out that would be great Many...
  14. renegade

    Here is the Elmo I made for my little boy!

    Check him out on my blog let me know what you guys think It's no where near perfect but my boy is in love with him so it sure does the trick!
  15. renegade

    "every Thing He Touches Turns To Sold " My New Ebay Puppet

    I would like to introduce you to Wasson the Realtor He's been selling house's since he drop out of junior collage. He makes a pretty good living but has the a reputation scamming people out of THERE hard earned cash! And also has the annoying habit of walking around saying “ Every thing I...
  16. renegade

    If you have'nt seen this your in for a treat

    Hey gang found this on youtube.com , really really fun dry stuff I love it!
  17. renegade

    My new lil fella on the Bay!!!

    Hey gang here is my new puppet I put up for auction ! I'm getting closer and closer to my goal for my film ! thanks to you all
  18. renegade

    Put me on a milk carton because i'm lost?

    After watching the playsoup video a couple times, I’m kinda lost on the high low part and where to draw seems Can someone fill me in ? should the seem just be drawn from high point to high point ? and the same with the low? Does the High just mean the upper top of the sculpt ...
  19. renegade

    From concept to ebay The Yeti of Hollywood!

    It wasn’t easy caching this Yeti in the Hollywood hills but I’m so glad I did. Still trying to raise money for my short film , so I put him on ebay along with some early drawings of him . Let me know what you guys think BTW This was made with a Projectpuppet.com pattern , If you don’t...
  20. renegade

    Late Night Buffet Taping Summary: Not Enough Juice!

    Hi Gang , I just got back from a 4 hour taping down at the Henson studios for the show LATE NIGHT BUFFET WITH AUGIE AND DEL . I really felt the show was very close to awful , Not enough Juice ! It reminded me of that show ALF'S HIT TALK SHOW ( YUCK ) Now that being said here is the good...