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Search results

  1. G-MAN

    It's A Muppet Muppet Muppet Muppet Rat Race

    Note: rather than doing a half-harted spoof and have the Muppets all together at once this is going to be like The Muppet Movie with most of the Muppets just meeting with each other along the way, besides it's more fun to figure out where someone might come in...
  2. G-MAN

    Upcoming Muppet Story

    Hi all, it's me, I have another Muppet story idea in the works (and it's not horror based, I promise) This one will be pure comedy and based in part off "It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World". Writing will begin when I get back from my weekend trip in Kansas City, hope you guys enjoy it! :)
  3. G-MAN

    Sorry I've been silent

    Me: Sorry I've been silent the past few days, it's just that our internet has been down, so we've had to get on through the library, and it was so slow all we could do practically was get through our mail. But now we've got it back, and so, I'm back, lol. Rizzo: I didn't even know that you were...
  4. G-MAN

    Good News

    I don't know if this is where I'm supposed to post this, but tonight the Midnight Movie at one of our theater is going to be The Muppet Movie, so I'm going to see it on the big screen for the first time, Whoo hoo!
  5. G-MAN

    Story Idea

    i just recently got ahold of the trade paperback of DC's Crisis On Infinite Earths Mini Series, and I liked it so much, that I almost wanted to do a spoof of it on here with the Muppets, but after thinking awhile, too many stories featuring Muppet deaths might not be a good idea, just wanted to...
  6. G-MAN

    The Meditation Thread

    I noticed that there has been a lot of bickering lately, and so I thought that there should be a thread where we can all take a deep breath and just forget about our problems in the outside world. No fighting is allowed in this thread, and it is meant to be a sort of calming or sounding board in...
  7. G-MAN

    Prof. Hastings

    Can anyone tell me anything about Professor Hastings? I've only seen a picture of him on the Obscure Muppets Yahoo group website, and I don't know much of what he was about so I thought I'd start a thread on it.
  8. G-MAN

    A Muppet Horror Movie

    I have decided I'd like to try my hand at a little fan fiction, but I need some help. I have decided that I am going to spoof a horror movie Muppet style, but I'm trying to decided which one to do. I'm game for any of the famous slasher, subernatural baddies I've seen, Freddy, Jason, Michael...
  9. G-MAN

    Question About Muppets Thirtieth Birthday Special

    I was watching my copy of Muppets: A Celebration Of Thirty Years today and had a slight question about the opening credits. Throughout my collecting, i've been able to pick out where every clip that was in that montage came from, but there is still one that eludes me. It's the scene that spoofs...
  10. G-MAN

    The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

    I just recently bought all 5 Hitchhiker books in one volume complete with the short story "Young Zaphod Plays It Safe". They are so hilarious. I'm currently in the middle of the second book "The Restarunt At The End Of The Universe", and I just want to know if there was anyone else here that...
  11. G-MAN

    Muppet Skit On PBS

    You know that special that they have on PBS, Jack Parr:Smarter Television, well it contains an early version of "I've Grown accostomed To Your Face". It also shows a soundless clip of an early version of "Scrapp Flyapp." It looked so cool.
  12. G-MAN

    I got a good feeling about this next year

    Ok, I just recently finally found and bought the Muppet Christmas Carol DVD and during the behind the scenes special something Steve Whitmire said gave me some hope for the future. He said that Jim believed in 7 year increments in his work and that when Muppet Christmas Carol was being produced...
  13. G-MAN

    Anyone remember Whirleygig?

    Does anyone remember that old Jim Henson Company show Whirleygig? I had a few on tape way back when but the tape got destroyed and I had to throw it away, so I was wondering if anybody could give me some more information about this show since my memories of this show are a little faded and fuzzy.
  14. G-MAN

    Question Regarding Disney Buy

    Ok, if Disney gets the Muppets(Muppet Show, Muppets Tonight, etc) along with Muppet Babies and Bear In The Big Blue House, and Henson keeps Creature Shop shows (ie:Dark Crystal, Storyteller, Laberynth) and Fraggle Rock, where does The Jim Henson Hour fit in? After all, it's half Muppets, half...
  15. G-MAN

    New Collector on Board

    I have managed to get ahold of seven Muppet action figures Rizzo-Oct or Nov Dr. Julius Strandgepork-Oct or Nov Muppet Newsman-Dec 24 Gozo & Camilla-Christmas Koosbainn Kermit-Christmas Statler-late Christmas present Waldorf-late Christmas present And I got them all at Target