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Search results

  1. shimauta

    The Storyteller Mug Cup Set

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about this mug cup set. I believe they were made available in Japan with the release of the Storyteller LDs but I was curious if they were made available anywhere else. They look pretty neat so I thought that I'd ask.
  2. shimauta

    Red Crow and the Ghost Ship

    I was just wondering if anybody here has seen "Red Crow and the Ghost Ship". I was browsing through a used video bin the other day at my local video shop and came across this and was wondering if it is worth picking up. On the back of the video it mentioned that the creature shop designed and...
  3. shimauta

    Hello Kitty Sesame Street

    I was just as the store recently and came across these. Hello Kitty wearing Big Bird, Cookie Monster and Elmo. Also Elmo wearing Hello Kitty. Always interesting stuff to find here in Japan!
  4. shimauta

    Elmo loves BS (Beach Sound)

    Interesting new shirts being sold here in Japan: http://www.sesame-street.jp/staff/beach%20sound%203.jpg The "BS" stands for "Beach Sound", but it made me do a double take the first time I saw it, lol.
  5. shimauta

    Sesame Street Japan

    I was recently reading this blog post, and wondered if anyone has ever seen the Japanese version of Sesame Street floating around on Youtube or knows where one can view it? I did a search but wasn't able to locate any. I actually have most of the DVD releases but wanted to show a friend in the...
  6. shimauta

    UK Muppet Locations

    Just came across this blog here in Japan thanks to Google Alerts: http://fallingmonkeys.com/?p=77 It was kind of a short post on the site but very interesting to see how some of the Muppet locations look like today. I am definitely in the mood to take a trip to the UK now!
  7. shimauta

    Jim Henson Designs Baby Clothing

    I just recently found some baby clothing from a line called "Jim Henson Designs". I am assuming that they sell this in America but wasn't able to locate a store that sells them. I am hoping to purchase a few more items of baby clothing or to see what else they have available. I bought a baby...
  8. shimauta

    Japanese Sesame Cell Phone Straps

    If anyone is interested, I picked up another set of these. They are Sesame Street characters wearing yukata. If no one is interested I will probably just put them on Yahoo Auctions here in Japan. Japanese Sesame cell straps
  9. shimauta

    Japanese Sesame Cell Phone Straps

    I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned these. I came across these the other day at a local Japanese convenient store: http://hinatakuppo.tea-nifty.com/.shared/image.html?/photos/uncategorized/2009/07/03/0703ss.jpg I picked up the whole set!
  10. shimauta

    Japanese Sesame Merchandise Site

    I just came across this site offering some cool Japanese Sesame Street merchandise. It even has various imported goods from other countries! http://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/sesame/ Sorry, it is only in Japanese it looks like...
  11. shimauta

    Muppet merchandise in Japan

    I dont know how many muppet fans there are here in Japan, but check out this great merchandise! FYI - the website is in Japanese but you should still be able to see the good selection that is offered...