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Search results

  1. Foodie

    Fraggles in Stranger Things Season 3

    I just finished the 7th episode of Stranger Things 3. At their little 4th of July carnival thing, they have fraggle plushes for some of the prizes. Which... isn't accurate for the 80s but still awesome. They used the current plush fraggles from the claw-machine things. :smirk:
  2. Foodie

    Pedigree Fraggle Puppets

    Hi! Any UK fraggle fans out there? Of course there are. Anyhoo, I just got this 80s Pedigree toy catalogue thing from eBay featuring all of the plush Fraggle Rock & vinyl doozers the company made. What got my attention were 3 fraggle puppets though, Gobo, Red & Traveling Matt. Since this was...
  3. Foodie

    Kidrobot Fraggle Rock Stuff

    Has anyone seen the new, blind box Fraggle Rock stuff by whatever Kidrobot is? It's been showing up on line lately. I was able to order a few blind boxes on eBay. There's a set of figures and a set of fraggle or doozer head-shaped key chains. I've been thinking about ordering a case but it's...
  4. Foodie

    Gobo Gobo Gobo!

    Gobo sneaks into a lot of my art. He completely took over this one. :smirk:https://www.deviantart.com/phraggle/art/Gobo-is-the-Greatest-785112274
  5. Foodie

    Super Impulse Fraggle Plush

    Heyas! Has anyone been able to find the 15 inch Super Impulse singing Gobo Plush yet? Ya squeeze him and he plays the theme song. Here's a link with a pic. http://superimpulse.com/fraggle-rock/ It appears he may be released soon. I messaged Super Impulse on FB but they didn't quite have the info...
  6. Foodie

    New Fraggle Merchandise in 2017?

    I dunno what it is but their site says it's coming! http://www.thetoyfactory.biz/fraggle-rock.html I'm hoping for action figures. :D I guess from the looks of it, it's gonna be plushes though. Still cool. :D
  7. Foodie

    "Down At Fraggle Rock" Book

    Heyas! I got this in my email today. It's been a few years I think since I placed the order on Amazon but I guess Jocelyn Stevenson's book " Down at Fraggle Rock: Treasures from the Jim Henson Archives " isn't happening... anytime soon anyway. Does anyone even remember ... anything about this...
  8. Foodie

    Fraggle Rock Ultimate DVD Collection

    Hi! Just saw this one eBay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Fraggle-Rock-The-Ultimate-Collection-/121560598721?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c4d9388c1 Normally this sort of thing doesn't slip by my radar. Anyone have info on it? :smirk:
  9. Foodie

    Caring for UK Bendy Fraggles

    Heyas! Does anyone in the Fraggle/Muppet/toy-collecting world have any fun facts on storing the " Bendy " Fraggle Rock foam dolls made in the UK in the 1980s? I have lots of them and have had them for... I dunno 15-ish years. The foam they're made of is sort of like old Nerf footballs. I...
  10. Foodie

    New Gobo Drawing

    It's been a spell but I drew a few Gobo Fraggle pics. http://phraggle.deviantart.com/art/Gobo-in-a-Windy-Cave-480972550 Here's another, ( it's sad though ), http://phraggle.deviantart.com/art/Sad-Gobo-Is-Sad-480971670
  11. Foodie

    Odd Fraggle Rock Book on eBay

    Heyas, Does anyone know what this is? Is it new? Fan fiction and/or fan created? http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Fraggle-Rock-by-Jesse-Russell-Paperback-Book-English-Free-Shipping-/360935278765?pt=US_Nonfiction_Book&hash=item54096b48ad :smirk:
  12. Foodie

    New Fraggle Doodle

    It's been a while since I've fraggled anything so, here's a new fraggle doodle. http://phraggle.deviantart.com/art/Music-Has-The-Right-To-Fraggles-397504923
  13. Foodie

    Paid In Fraggles

    Today at work, the owner of the company gave me 2 fraggle puppets ( the Manhattan Toys ones ). I think I have a good job. These 2 ---> :smirk::sigh:
  14. Foodie

    Nanco Sproket & Traveling Matt

    Question time again. Did the Nanco plush Traveling Matt & Sprocket ever get released? http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/File:Nanco_Sprocket.jpg :smirk:
  15. Foodie

    Can I Change my MC User Name?

    I dunno if this is the right place to ask but, is it possible to change one's user name here without creating a new account. I know I've been Foodie here since 1998 but I usually go by Phraggle everywhere else as Foodie is just the name of one of my characters. So... is that possible? :smirk:
  16. Foodie

    Gobo Works It

    Here's pic of Gobo working his guitar. http://phraggle.deviantart.com/#/d5bxs9i :smirk:
  17. Foodie

    Fraggle Rock: Mirage

    Hey folks! If you like Fraggles & Fleetwood Mac... you may begrudgingly like this drawing I did. http://phraggle.deviantart.com/#/d54u2rl Wooo WOOOOOOO! :smirk:
  18. Foodie

    Fraggle Contest Entry

    Hey guys! I hope it's cool to post this here. It's my entry to the fraggle illustration contest. Hope ya like. http://www.talenthouse.com/creativeinvites/preview/a5751dbd0d530e182b073a40ca159fb9/595 :smirk:
  19. Foodie

    Cookie Monster's Name

    Hey all, Someone here may be able to put this to rest. I found this Facebook thingie about the real names of cartoon characters. The first one listed is Cookie Monster and it says his real name is Sid. Is that true? :insatiable:
  20. Foodie

    Plush Fraggle Bobble Head Dolls

    I dunno if this is new news or not but I just found three, plush, Fraggle Rock, bobble-head dolls at Manhattan Toys' website. Gobo, Red & Wembley. $15 each. Wee! :smirk::excited::coy: