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  1. scooterfan360

    On Writing Fan Fiction (Rules & Advice)

    Hi, it's been a longtime since I been on here, I plan to finish my fan fic, will it still be accepted , after I finish it ?
  2. scooterfan360

    Flirtation Waltz A Muppet's love revised

    Hi everyone, I'm back ! Know that it has been a long time, a very long time, but I will be posting the rest of this story, and more fan fic's soon.
  3. scooterfan360

    For when you're feeling down...

    does anyone know where I can find a place where I have my Facebook and Facebook message investigated.? I think ether my facebok friends are play a trick on me, or I friended cloned profiles of people I know.
  4. scooterfan360

    has anyone ever heard of someone doing this to someone one Facebook ?

    it's like they are trying to make me crazy or something
  5. scooterfan360

    has anyone ever heard of someone doing this to someone one Facebook ?

    okay, say you like someone who is your Facebook friend, then all of your Facebook friends all of your Facebook friends stop posting like they normally would, and start posting dogs, cats, and stuff that you have already seen. And then start to watching every you go on Facebook, and joined every...
  6. scooterfan360

    "Major and important" Muppet announcement coming soon

    This must be true, Disney plus announced it on Facebook.
  7. scooterfan360

    Questions about anything

    So I should say nothing, and lose any chances with my crush ?
  8. scooterfan360

    Questions about anything

    Because I don't know what to say in the what's on your mind part of my Facebook.
  9. scooterfan360

    Questions about anything

    How do you post quotes on Facebook ?
  10. scooterfan360

    Questions about anything

    Well, I'm not involved with anyone, and I do like him, but my Facebook friends don't know that, and if I was seeing someone, I would have in a relationship for my status, and I think that he is scared that someone is going to ask me out first. I whish that he would come on and confess that he...
  11. scooterfan360

    Questions about anything

    Are any of you on Facebook ? If so then please do not go blabbing about this, Ok I really need your help, I have a crush on a guy Facebook friend, he now has my Facebook friends watch my every move, I logged in to go to my market place, and returned to my news feed, one of my Facebook friends...
  12. scooterfan360

    Quotes on Facebook

    When your Facebook friends share and post quotes, does the quotes seem like they are directed to you ?
  13. scooterfan360

    Facebook contacts does anyone knows how find out if blocked any of your contacts ?

    My niece was near my computer and I just want to make sure that she didn't click on anything
  14. scooterfan360

    Life goals

    aw that's sad, some people do know how much a person's pet means to them. I know one thing, I'm not going to abandon my dear nacho, he's going to go where I go.
  15. scooterfan360

    Life goals

    To get my own car, to find an apartment that is pet friendly and have no nosey people, and have thick walls to prevent eavesdropping, and to have a life style tv show on youtube.
  16. scooterfan360

    The "You know what?" thread

    New kfc fries are actually not new, they are more reboot fries, because kfc had fries back in 1987, Oh and kfc chicken littles are also not new, because kfc also had them back in 1987.
  17. scooterfan360

    The new What Made You Smile Today thread

    just found out that my cat didn't have an alergic reaction to the flea medication that I gave him, and the mark on his face was from where another cat or dog had bit him, so the vet gave him an antibiotic shot.
  18. scooterfan360

    Forums for content that doesn’t belong on here

    Oh, I thought that you were talking about here on mc, sorry.
  19. scooterfan360

    Forums for content that doesn’t belong on here

    How come most of my posts get deleted ? I never said anything wrong in them, and I never posted any content that didn't belong here.