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  1. HandsomeFrog

    Dark Crystal novel writing contest

    Im with this guy! Im going for it! But first...isnt the gelfling gathering when the urSkeks gathered everyone to see the purity cleansed from their soul (great division) or am i wrong?
  2. HandsomeFrog

    Selling a Custom Telly Monster Palisades on eBay Also have some other palisades figures on there.
  3. HandsomeFrog

    *If* Figures for "The Muppets" were made, what would you want?

    I want moopets. I'm serious.
  4. HandsomeFrog

    Romney wants to cut funding for PBS and Sesame Street

    Made these myself. For anyone who doesn't get the first one, (WARNING SOME MATURE CONTENT ^)
  5. HandsomeFrog

    Handsome Frogs Handsome Muppets Figure Collection

    Time I shared this.......with some Handsome Simpsons figures for good measure. __ Good evening Citizen! What is that in your hand?! You could poke out an eye! MY EYES!! Kent Brockman reporting live from the incident. Apparently, a balding eagle is now suing for what he...
  6. HandsomeFrog

    Just had a brilliant idea

    Brian Henson should use "The Land of Gortch" characters in Puppet Up/Stuffed and Unstrung! Just imagine Vs
  7. HandsomeFrog

    Muppet Convention Thread #2: Where Should it be Held?

    Just read the thread, Greenville works for me. :D Can't wait for this.
  8. HandsomeFrog

    Floyd and Rowlf

    Part 2. Piano Man or Bust. Rowlf bumbles over to his signature piano. A spectacular museum quality piano of which the bust of Beethoven is known to haunt on his familiar perch. Rowlf sat there, a smile on his furry face. and yet the bust had a different look. A look of surprise and shock...
  9. HandsomeFrog

    Rumor: Studio DC continuing in 2012

    That would be amazing.
  10. HandsomeFrog

    A little Fanart

    Hawkeye Floyd!!!
  11. HandsomeFrog

    Rumor: Studio DC continuing in 2012

    Spider Monster is kinda like Marvel Muppets...but it would be cool to see something like that really play out.
  12. HandsomeFrog

    Overused Songs in Movies or TV

    Back in Black
  13. HandsomeFrog

    Floyd and Rowlf

    Thanks. More to come soon.
  14. HandsomeFrog

    Floyd and Rowlf

    :sing:The beginning of a great friendship:sympathy: Chapter 1. The Greatest Gig. _ "Man, been too long since we done a Billy Joel number, eh, Teeth?" Floyd remarked. The good doctor simply nodded his bulbous head, his feather swaying atop his pink shag top hat. "What song was it again?"...
  15. HandsomeFrog

    On Writing Fan Fiction (Rules & Advice)

    Floyd Pepper and Rowlf are two of my favorites.
  16. HandsomeFrog

    On Writing Fan Fiction (Rules & Advice)

    I wanna write one. No idea who to write about though...
  17. HandsomeFrog

    Waldorf Salad! A Mixed bag of Muppets!

    Updates to come.
  18. HandsomeFrog

    Waldorf Salad! A Mixed bag of Muppets! - Site Article #2 entitled "Boober Fraggle's 2012 Doomsday - A Silly Article about Lucky Charms, Impending Doom and Muppets with adorable hats"