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  1. practicecactus

    Does anyone know of a Low-cost monitor for performing? (Preferably $40 or cheaper)

    Yeah like Andrew said, Security Camera TFT monitor testers but there's one 3.5" screen model that mounts to your wrist, and they can come in and around your budget. I'm keen to try one out, but they seem to be popular with FPV quadcopter enthusiasts, so resolution seems pretty good. If you're...
  2. practicecactus

    Has anyone tried spray paint on foam sheets?

    Also bear in mind how porous the foam is/it's density. All those little bubbles that make up the foam are gonna be even more obvious with lighter colour paints because they'll make lots of little shadows. I made a beak out of foam and then got a wonderful smooth, almost rubber, finish on it by...
  3. practicecactus

    large puppet eyes

    Christmas Tree decorations are great for eyes and come in a variety of sizes. They do require a bit of sanding for paint but the bigger ones are usually thicker.
  4. practicecactus


    You'll need to use a fabric with a bit of stretch so it can curve over the eye and not scrunch up like you say.
  5. practicecactus

    Question about Mouth Manipulation

    Reading back what I wrote I realise I should've just said I hinge the mouth at my upper finger knuckles, like a jaw. Moving the head around a bit, also hides a bit any head flap.
  6. practicecactus

    Question about Mouth Manipulation

    I think the trick is to sorta push the words out, so your fingers stay parallel to to the floor while your thumb does all the moving. There's always gonna be a bit of head movement though but so long as the head isn't flapping up and back you're doin ok.
  7. practicecactus

    Stage Height Options and rolling around

    Try to have at least two of the casters lockable. You don't want your stage shifting around especially if there's gonna be kids in front.
  8. practicecactus

    Question about foam blocks

    I remember someone posting a link to a place that makes custom sized blocks of foam to order, but generally, you can find something roughly that muppet head size. Try asking about offcuts. My local rubber supplies place has offcuts out front for cheap but other places might even throw them out...
  9. practicecactus


    Not sure how successful it'd be having never tried myself, but have you tried looking for stuffed toy patterns? There's gotta be at least free teddy bear pattern out there that could be easily adapted for puppets. Or at least a good starting point to modify or learn how to make your own. I...
  10. practicecactus

    What's the best way for cutting fur?

    My sewing is still pretty hamfisted and basic- in one end, out the other, but I only use the ladder stitch when I can't turn the material inside-out, like the neck for example, which is usually smaller than the head. I only use the whipstich If I want to really strengthen a seam I know is a...
  11. practicecactus

    What's the best way for cutting fur?

    Oops, forgot to add, and can't edit the post, I always cut the backing, with the fur side down. You don't really need to brush the fur any, so long as you just cut the backing, when you're done, gently pulling your piece out, the hairs will untangle.
  12. practicecactus

    Gasket Rubber Alternatives

    I like this foam backed vinyl stuff I was lucky to scavenge from the upholstery bin where I used to work. The foam on it gives you a little extra squishy comfort for your hand but also helps it hold it's shape. Easy to emulate though, just a matter of gluing a thin sheet of foam to vinyl.
  13. practicecactus

    What's the best way for cutting fur?

    I use scissors but I make very tiny snips. It's time consuming but ensures precise cutting and doesn't stretch or fray the edge of the material which is better for sewing. Also, remember when sewing fur pieces together [inside out], to make sure no fur gets trapped in the seam by poking any...
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    Aw, and I thought I was cynical and cruel. You guys are bein mean. Ok, so it's not particularly "professional" and accurate a replica, but I thought it was rather endearing. Sure, they probably won't be getting a 'cease and desist' letter from Disney anytime soon but it's not that bad a puppet...
  15. practicecactus

    Miss Piggy puppet

    If you're new to puppet making I wouldn't recommend making a replica as a first attempt but you can carve it out of a block of foam, cut it down the middle so you have two halves, hollow out the space for your hand, then glue the two sides back together. Covering it can be done by flocking, but...
  16. practicecactus

    Erect ears

    I like Melonpool's method of attaching the wire to the foam. I used a slighlty different method for a cat puppet's tail I made out of wire covered with a foam tube. I attached it to the foam body, by making the base a wire spiral, spiraling from the outside into the center, then up into the...
  17. practicecactus

    Help with Making Marionettes

    There's a lot juicey progress photos from some very talented Marionette makers on PuppetHub.
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    Couldn't you could buy one and make the pin end with a longer pin? Haven't seen one in years, but from memory, isn't the pin just kinda standard? Thinking maybe hot gluing a pin onto what you want to be held onto your puppet, and use the holder end.
  19. practicecactus

    The high and the lows?

    I guess because the extremes of the highs and lows are where there'll be an edge to make the 3D form, that's where your seams for material go. If you imagine the flatest areas of a 3D sculpt, the place where you're going to have joins is where the generally flat surface changes direction. A...
  20. practicecactus

    What materials can I use for a spyrofoam puppet's pupils?

    I started a cookie monster and I've used plastic Christmas Tree decoration balls for both the eyeballs and pupils. The ball you use for the pupils can be slightly smaller than the size of your eyeballs but the curve is what you want. Might take a little practice to get right cutting out the...