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  1. koala3

    How to make a Grover puppet?

    Craft foam! I cosplay a lot and 90% of things are made of craft foam! Thick 5mm black from hobby lobby. Just draw the shapes with marker, cut them out, and hot glue them. Buy some nice metal looking spray paint from Home Depot. I like using nickel and dark knight i think they're called.
  2. koala3

    Grovers need a new home

    I have two Grover puppets I made a few years ago that need a good home. I'm not a professional builder. Just a hobbyist. A lot of work was put into them. Fur is royal blue from Mendels. The first one is oversized and the second one is a bit more accurate and is my profile picture. Both may just...
  3. koala3

    How to make a Grover puppet?

    Send me a message :)
  4. koala3

    How to make a Grover puppet?

    Thanks! I actually made him too big so I'm making another smaller Grover. Not sure what to do with "over sized" Grover since it was my first and I didn't build it well. People did like the Super Grover costume I made him! :super:
  5. koala3

    How to make a Grover puppet?

    Thanks! On the fur i got a small plastic bin and poured the hottest water i could get from the kitchen sink, then dumped three bowls of water i heated in the microwave for 3 minuets. Then i submerge the fur for 15 minuets, maybe a bit longer because i got distracted. Rung it out in the shower...
  6. koala3

    How to make a Grover puppet?

    Hey i just made my grover puppet myself. Don't have a lot of time but i'll go into more detail when i get back home. Adam Kruinger on youtube has a ball hat puppet head tutorial and it can get you the round shape. The fur does add alot to the head so you'll have to scale it down. The puppet...
  7. koala3

    How to start making puppets?

    Hello! Been reading bit and pieces of this forum and decided to finally invest in making a puppet. I want to start by making a Grover replica. Mostly because I wanted one since I was three. So I found the fur, read how to put in the arm rods, and Adams video tutorial is perfect for the head. Big...
  8. koala3

    New Members: Please Post and Introduce Yourself

    Hello my name is Pete, and i'm becoming obsessed with puppets! Especially the Muppets! Really been wanting to build one for a few years and have finally decided to take the plunge! Nothing brightens my day more than reading about different faux furs.:super: