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    i feel like ive been doing something wrong

    i might be putting the felt over the foam the wrong way. what i do is i build the head with the foam, then i take felt and i glue it on. i feel like my method is wrong because the puppet always end up looking reaaaaally crappy. when looking at other puppets, it looks like theres no seems in the...
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    A website where I can host videos

    well, i was hoping something thats free. it says that freeloaders can only download 10mb at a time...10 mb isnt even a movie! and i dont want the videos to only be viewed by members.
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    A website where I can host videos

    does anyone know a website where i can host .wmv movies?
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    What sketches scared you as a kid?

    if you give me your AIM screen name, i can send you that skit.
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    Check out my Anime Muppets

    those rule, fozzy is kinda weird though.
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    What sketches scared you as a kid?

    ooo that was a funny sketch
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    Fave Bands and Singers

    GBH, Dropkick Murphys, Motorhead, Sex Pistols, AC/DC, KISS, The Ramones, Toy Dolls, The Beltones, Led Zeppelin, 999, Chron Gen, old Skrewdriver before they became all racist, Anti-Nowhere League, The Adicts, The Adverts
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    Anyone like indie rock?

    why thanks
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    What celebrity impressions can you do?

    i too can do a good Stuart's mom, and a good Stuart. i can also do Lorraine. other celebs - vyvyan from the young ones neil from the young ones colin quinn (sort of, actually i do a terrible colin quinn impression, but im mentioning it because i did this sketch that was a parody of tough...
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    whatd you get for christmas?

    heyyy what'd everyone get for christmas? i got - a leather jacket KISS motion lamp sex pistols poster sex pistols t-shirt cartman t-shirt Kids In The Hall 2nd Season DVD A GAME CUBE!!! Super Smash Brothers Melee and America The Book by Jon Stewart
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    Anyone like indie rock?

    any dropkick fan is a friend of mine :-D but my favorite band at the moment is GBH
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    Your BIGGEST Mistake in Building Puppets

    oh where to begin... -making my puppets humungus accidentally -using cardboard for mouths -making the back of the head all round and making the front flat (mistake i did when making my rabbi puppet) -when i put the head together and then try to glue the felt on, it always ends up looking...
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    Muppet Film and TV References

    in Private Parts when Howard Stern was debuting on this radio station, the dj said something like "we have our new dj and he looks like big bird" or something like that, i cant think very well this time in the morning. i also remember him saying "when we get back from the break, kermit the frog...
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    Stand-Ups Who Mock Muppets

    i LOVE bill engvall i also remember hearing some comedian on Shorties Watchin' Shorties talking about going to church as a kid, and he said that the priest's job was to say "lord" a thousand times in an annoying Kermit the Priest voice. and i also remember denis leary talking about jim...
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    Under The Umbrella Tree Dvd

    yes they do, and i'm not sure how many. i'm just excited to see it!
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    Under The Umbrella Tree Dvd

    just email noreen young on that site with your credit card info and address.
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    What sketches scared you as a kid?

    those monsters RULE! they gotta make them more like that now.
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    What sketches scared you as a kid?

    could be because the red paint reminded you of blood dripping or something? "wet paint" isn't anything close to heavy metal music. check out like some iron maiden or judas priest. THAT'S heavy metal! i think it was more new wave synth pop-ish music.
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    haha yeah i realized you can see the heads. and that was unintentional. see, my friend was the camera guy...and he's an idiot because when i asked him if you can see our heads, he said no. and yeah i wouldnt be surprised if kevin smith likes it. and no we didnt use monitors but we probably...