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  1. ZootxJanice2468

    Favorite Muppet Couples

    Does this mean I can change it back to ZootxJanice?
  2. ZootxJanice2468

    Favorite Zoot moment?

    I liked in the muppets go hollywood, zoot was playing how high the moon with the orchestra and when he's not playing he smacks his lips like he just woke up, and at the end he plays a bum note, classic zoot. To save you the trouble, go to the 5:05 mark.
  3. ZootxJanice2468

    Blissful Birdsong

    Wow this story is practically like a real flashback! Hopefully the next chapter will explain why zoot was so mad at the beginning. Please, continue on my friend.
  4. ZootxJanice2468

    Is Mildred Zoot's mother?

    Hey can we assume zoot's last name is simms?
  5. ZootxJanice2468

    Is Mildred Zoot's mother?

    I guess you guys are right. Plus zoot is a humanoid, and mildred looks like a lizard. Aw dang it, why didn't they show zoot's dad?! Oh also I'm starting up TM again. So, might be something to look forward to.
  6. ZootxJanice2468

    Is Mildred Zoot's mother?

    Because I saw an "at the dance" in season 1 and george asked while looking at zoot, "I'll be darned, you say that's your boy? How could you have a son that age?" and mildred replied, "I didn't. When I had him he was just a baby."
  7. ZootxJanice2468

    Muppety Doodles

    Oh my god! This just made my night! I also remember zoot and janice's relationship in season 1, and I think these guys look great, spot on! :flirt:x:cool: forever!
  8. ZootxJanice2468

    Teenage Mayhem S1 E5

    Finally after so long I will be continuing my teenage electric mayhem fanfics. Thanks for begging me to continue on guys! :rolleyes: But right now let's continue on with Sweet tooth Mayhem. Beaker was in the warehouse's lab munching on a chocolate bar while sitting on a pile of...
  9. ZootxJanice2468

    Custom figures and dioramas

    Well If I could make a suggestion, you could make zoot in his bohemian rhapsody outfit. You could probably use the material you made from fozzie's wotcher hat for zoot's.
  10. ZootxJanice2468

    Custom figures and dioramas

    What are you plannin on makin? Tux zoot?
  11. ZootxJanice2468

    Custom figures and dioramas

    Will anyone have plans for a paul williams muppet custom? Because I might be getting a zoot for christmas that I won't know what to do with
  12. ZootxJanice2468

    The Muppetless Movie

    You got it! Sorry it's a different language.
  13. ZootxJanice2468

    The Muppetless Movie

    You couldn't afford bigger instruments?
  14. ZootxJanice2468

    Favorite Muppet Couples

    Since zoot and janice are done officially, I'll go with Lips and Trumpet girl.
  15. ZootxJanice2468

    Custom figures and dioramas

    Are you ever gonna make a trumpet girl figure?
  16. ZootxJanice2468

    Custom figures and dioramas

    dearth, if you still have those arches, you could make the opening sequence.
  17. ZootxJanice2468

    My Muppet Show Stop-Motion Animation

    Are those the only ones you'll do?
  18. ZootxJanice2468

    Palisades Rainbow Connection Kermit for sale

    If you still have zoot, can I have him for 10$?
  19. ZootxJanice2468

    What would you be if you were a Muppet?

    If I was a muppet, I'd be a light green human with brown hair who plays the drums. Of course animal would be my best friend, and I would play with the electric mayhem (that's right, who says there can't be two drummers in a band?) Trumbone girl would be my closest "human" friend, I only hope...