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  1. Pug Lover

    SS storyline:Oscar and Cookie Monster

    Oscar goes away to a grouch convention in Grouchland for a week.He gets Cookie Monster to house sit(take care of his trash can)for him while he's gone. A week later,Oscar returns and is shocked and outraged,to discover that Cookie Monster had cleaned his trash can home spotless,while Cookie...
  2. Pug Lover

    Miss Piggy less aggressive with Kermit in season 5

    Has anyone else noticed this? Miss Piggy had bullied Kermit a lot throughout the first four seasons of TMS. But the only time she attacked him in season 5,was the episode that guest starred Linda Ronstadt,when she locked him in a trunk. I used to assume that this was because of what...
  3. Pug Lover

    Your Muppet mistakes

    I once mistook George for Statler. Two names I misheard:I heard Rowlf as Ralph.And Swedish Chef as Sweetie Chef. Oh and one other name I misheard,Zoot as Lou.
  4. Pug Lover

    Little Jerry & The Monotones:Muppet Encarnations of Muppeteers?

    I know that Lil' Jerry was performed by Jerry Nelson.But the brown bearded blue muppet in his band looks to be a possible muppet version of Jim Henson. Could Jerry & The Monotones possibley have been muppet incarnations of some of the muppeteers?
  5. Pug Lover

    Best TMS opening number

    Avery Schrieber:Tenderly The Mummunshanz:Mr.Beat Man Juliet Prowse:Maha Mahna Shirley Bassey:Chickens In the Barnyard George Burns:Pig Calypso Star Wars:Ram-A-Lamb-A-Ling-Dong Shields & Yarnell:Take A Chance On Me Chris Langham:Friendship I Get Around(forget what episode) Macho Man In...
  6. Pug Lover

    Best TMS closing numbers

    Harry Belafonte:Turn The World Around Star Wars:When You Wish Upon A Star Kenny Rogers:Love Lifted Me Sheilds & Yarnell:Make 'em Laugh Melissa Manchester:You're Cheatin' Heart Will Tell On You Carol Burnett:I Was Made For Dancing Marty Feldman:All Join In Judy Collins:Send In The Clowns...
  7. Pug Lover

    Miss Piggy's least favourite TMS guest stars:

    There were a couple of guest stars who either crossed the line with Miss Piggy,or she was jealous of,or she simply just didn't like for whatever reason. Here are TMS guest stars I recall who got on the wrong side of Piggy.(Which wasn't hard to do.):mad: Florence Henderson Kaye Ballard Lynn...
  8. Pug Lover

    Which Muppet are You Most Like

    I would say I'm most like :).Gentle and sensitive.Easily intimidated.Level headed.Stand my ground.
  9. Pug Lover

    Who stood up to Miss Piggy?

    Quite a few people have had the guts to stand up to Piggy when bullied by her.And they did it quite well.Here are some I recall who had struck back at her. Kermit(verbally not physically,on a couple of occasions) Bruce Forsythe Kaye Ballard Rich Little Can you remember anyone else?
  10. Pug Lover

    Just wondering which Muppets hadn't been chopped by Piggy?

    Interestingly enough,no muppet who was as big as Sweetims ever got a karate chop from Miss Piggy.I guess they were too big for her.Though Big Bird did come close. Other than that,I'd say all muppets who've been spared Piggy's chops have been listed.Except for one. Bruno,the tough whatnot...
  11. Pug Lover

    Kermit doesn't get abused as much anymore:

    Poor Kermit used to get attacked and abused an awful lot in the olden days.He seemed so vulnerable to getting bullied.Especially on TMS.Miss Piggy did abuse him the most on that show.But he was also easily attacked by others,as well as a lot of whatnot muppets. But you don't see him in very...
  12. Pug Lover

    TMS Outline: Patrick Swayze

    Good outline. I got a kick out of the closing number.;)
  13. Pug Lover

    TMS Outline:Jack Lemmon & Doris Day:Season 2

    COLD OPENNING _____________________ SCOOTER:"Jack Lemmon and Doris Day,fifteen seconds till curtain." JACK AND DORIS(in unison)"Thank you Scooter." JACK LEMMON:"Bless you Doris". DORIS DAY:"But I didn't sneeze." White furry scarf over Dorises' mink coat suddenly comes to life:"That would...
  14. Pug Lover

    TMS Outline:Joan Blondell:Season 1

    OPENNING THEME _____________________ FOZZIE'S JOKE __________________ FOZZIE:"Why isn't your nose twelve inches long?" Whatnot muppet with foot for nose:"Because then it would be a foot." GONZO'S GONG GAG _____________________ With big red lips,the gong gives Gonzo a great big kiss...
  15. Pug Lover

    Julie on SST on GoogleVideo!

    This was indeed a treat to see.;)
  16. Pug Lover

    TMS Outline:Annie Lennox

    COLD OPENNING ________________ Annie Lennox walks in dressed in a leapord skin coat with a matching hat. POPS:"May I help you sir?" Taken aback,Annie removes her hat,revealing long blonde locks of hair.:"I'm no sir,I'm Annie Lennox,the guest star of tonight's show." POPS:"Oh beggin' yer pardon...
  17. Pug Lover

    Minor Muppetz' TMS outline: Bea Arthur

    Very well done.I really enjoyed that. Bea Arther's dislike to violence throughout your outline gives an indication of her offscreen personality. In real life Bea was a gentle quiet person.Nothing like her tough loud spoken TV persona.
  18. Pug Lover

    Why is the TV syndication order different from production order?

    This topic refers to how all episodes of each TMS season always aired in a very different order from their actual production. Here is an example of what I mean. Season 5 episode production order: Gene Kelly Loretta Swit Joan Baez Shirley Bassey James Coburn Brooke Shields Glenda...
  19. Pug Lover

    Miss Piggy wasn't very mean to Kermit in the 1980s

    You're right.In fact,Loretta Swit was season five's second episode.Linda Ronstadt was the second last episode of that season. But for some reason,all episodes of each season were first aired in a totally different order,and remain in much the same order in syndication.
  20. Pug Lover

    Miss Piggy wasn't very mean to Kermit in the 1980s

    Yes I've noticed that too. Miss Piggy was the meanest to Kermit throughout the first four seasons of The Muppet Show.Mainly because she was both possesive and jealous of him.In season five there was an episode where Kermit fell in love with guest star Linda Ronstadt,and a jealous Miss Piggy...