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    Mouth plate material: Automotive gasket material?

    i used to buy gasket rubber squares at lowes for 89 cents
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    Rough size of Kermit the Frog?

    The head is literally the size of an average sized male hand. There is no stuffing or foam of any kind in the head it is just a hollow "sock" with arched fingers to create the shape
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    Need photos of Kermit-inspired or "Sock Puppet" pattern puppets

    I have a perfect puppet to share. I won't be home until Wednesday though. When I do should I just post it here?
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    Girl Puppet for Sale

    since i have received nary a response, i though maybe you would like to see pictures so here they are
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    Who could this guy be ?

    make something original. it doesnt always come out looking the best but really expands your skills. its all bout trial and error and its really rewarding knowing that its a design you made yourself and you can do whatever you want with it
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    Kate Monster Replica

    i like it. the eyes seem a little too big and bulgey though. it looks fantastic but not exactly like kate monster. for eyes like this i tend to use those big clear plastic ornaments you get at craft stores and cutting a circle out of them and sanding them like crazy. then painting them white...
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    Question on attaching spoon Eyes

    i usually just trim about a 2cm square section and then put the glue there and press the spoon into that
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    Girl Puppet for Sale

    Hey puppet people!!! I have a girl puppet who vaguely looks like the waitress from the Diner Dash games. its a really nice puppet but I've had it for a while and its just taking up space so if your'e interested please email me at for more information and pictures. Its...
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    PUPPETS FOR know you want one

    and the green boy will be $38
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    PUPPETS FOR know you want one

    the pink girl is $35 the purple-haired boy is $20 the live-hands monster is $30 the small feather-haired monster is $25 the small monster with two different kinds of fur is $30 and the banana is $20 not including shipping
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    PUPPETS FOR know you want one i know i havent responded to everyone who emailed me so heres the pictures of my puppets all of them except for the avenue q puppets are for sale. i have sold the green, blonde one but i can make him again but he wont have...
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    PUPPETS FOR know you want one

    I have several handmade puppets of different sizes that I need to sell. I have some small arm and rod puppets and a live hands monster. I made them, they come from a good home, and they've had all their shots. So email me if you're interested and I'll send you some pictures. You know you want...
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    3D Printing + Puppet Building = ?!?!?!?

    I was thinking more along the lines of internal parts, mechanisms, etc.. but still great ideas
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    Audition Video Guideline

    I wouldnt say there's much of a guideline to follow. it really depends on what you're auditioning for but most importantly you have to show off your versatility. you need to show how wide of an array of characters and voices you can use. The wider this array the better because it puts you in...
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    3D Printing + Puppet Building = ?!?!?!?

    Okay, here's some food for thought: with all this buzz about 3d printing, I've scraped together some cash and ordered myself one. I was wondering, does anyone have any ideas about how I could combine this with puppetry. Could i make parts for puppets that I can't just buy somewhere? All ideas...
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    Puppets For Sale here are the puppets i have some of them are still available...the avenue q puppets are not for sale
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    oh yes! I've seen people make awesome eyes with those...not sure about tongues though...hmm
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    Custom Puppets These are some of the puppets I've made in the past. if you are interested of having a puppet made please email me at thank you, Anthony