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  1. G-MAN

    A Muppet Horror Movie

    Chapter 17 Kermit stood waiting in the parking garage waiting for a sign and hoping it wasn't a bad decision. All of a sudden a figure entered wearing a trench coat and a fedora. "So you showed up Mr. The Frog" said the figure in a raspy voice befitting his name. Kermit gulped before replying...
  2. G-MAN

    FanFic Library Index

    I finally put in a new chapter to my story yesterday, next one will be up tomorrow or I give up my first born, when he/she comes, lol
  3. G-MAN

    OK Go and The Muppets Music Video: The Muppet Show Theme

    Love, love, love this video, lol
  4. G-MAN

    A Muppet Horror Movie

    Chapter 16 Thing had been going from bad to worse. Everyone was on their guard and staring at each other with accusatory glances. Even Rowlf, who always had an upbeat additude, was miserable. The Muppets were milling about when Sal Minella came pushing through the crowd with Johnny Fiama, as...
  5. G-MAN

    MC - The Revival

    Hey Gonzo's Hobbit, just getting back into Muppetyness full time, psyched about the movie
  6. G-MAN

    MC - The Revival

    This is like the Dorms all over again, lol
  7. G-MAN

    A Muppet Horror Movie

    Oh my, I had forgotten about this, might have to post more some time, I'll reread and dredge up any memories of where I was going
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    The Muppets' Sam the Eagle Suits Up for Captain America

    Awesome, that's just perfect for him
  9. G-MAN

    Your Muppet mistakes

    I've known the Muppets since I was little, sadly I can't remember many mistakes, though I did think Mean Mama was Big Mama, one big one though was that I believed that every puppet special I saw when I was little were from the Muppets such as Santa's Magic Toy Bag and this old show named Whirligig
  10. G-MAN

    This is probably why we didn't have comic news

    They didn't have it at the comic shop I went to, there wasn't even a slot for it. Also, that's a shame about the Muppet Show Comic, I was enjoying that
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    Petition For Disney To Release Muppets @ WDW & MT

    In response to "The Best Of The Land Of Gorch" Those skits are on DVD you just need to pick up the SNL Season sets that have them
  12. G-MAN

    Your Thoughts: The Muppet Show Comic Book

    Ok, you want to know the cameo, it's The Lachoy Dragon, there I did it so it's hard to see for someone who doesn't like spoilers, but if a helpful mod knows of better way to do this, then pleas let me know
  13. G-MAN

    Your Thoughts: MC’s 12th Birthday

    Happy 12th Birthday Muppet Central, I can't remember when I first found this site, I know it was after Delphi and the redesign, probably 2002
  14. G-MAN

    It's A Muppet Muppet Muppet Muppet Rat Race

    Chapter 2 coming up tomorrow
  15. G-MAN

    It's A Muppet Muppet Muppet Muppet Rat Race

    Note: rather than doing a half-harted spoof and have the Muppets all together at once this is going to be like The Muppet Movie with most of the Muppets just meeting with each other along the way, besides it's more fun to figure out where someone might come in...
  16. G-MAN

    The Missing Muppet Movie

    Yeah this is really looking good
  17. G-MAN

    Upcoming Muppet Story

    Hi all, it's me, I have another Muppet story idea in the works (and it's not horror based, I promise) This one will be pure comedy and based in part off "It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World". Writing will begin when I get back from my weekend trip in Kansas City, hope you guys enjoy it! :)
  18. G-MAN

    Trying to remembert an episode of TMS! It's making me crazy!

    I think you're confusing a couple of things together, there was an episode of The Muppet Show where Kermit invited everyone to the swamp (kind of like Muppets At Walt Disney World). Though it's a typical episode and the guest star was John Denver. After The Muppet Show ended the Muppets and...
  19. G-MAN

    What was the last Henson thing you bought?

    I don't remember what the last thing I actually purchased myself was, but I did get the (I think) Sababa Fraggles plus the complete Series Set of Fraggle Rock for Christmas
  20. G-MAN

    Your Thoughts: Fraggle Rock Complete Series Collection

    I just got the series box set for Christmas (along with the small stuffed Fraggles that came out last year I think) and, it looks pretty good so far, only two discs were loose and they looked in pretty good condition, so I guess I'm one of the lucky one's eh? lol I haven't started watching...