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    Rowlf for Sale!!

    I was quite lucky in that I managed to collect all of them before the prices went nuts - really good collection to display and fantastic quality
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    Rare Ghost of Sam Arrow?

    Thank you. Best part was I had a choice of two - one the correct way round and the other the upside down one and still to this day people ask me why I bought 'the broken one' :)
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    Sweetums Full Costume Suit

    Would love to have this....
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    Action figure insurance

    Checked with insurer and told that as long as a 'single item' isn't over £1000 then that's fine (collection together is more than that but listing it to an insurance company item by item would take ages). Thought about the moving of them all and I'd probably let the removal firm take the...
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    Rare Ghost of Sam Arrow?

    Hi. I've got a ghost of Sam Arrow action figure which in itself isn't rare but mine was sealed in its packaging upside down (original tape still on edges at top bottom and never opened). Part to do with other thread about insurance so advice would be great
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    Action figure insurance

    Hi. In the process of moving home so packed up the figure collection but got chatting to a friend that asked whether I had them insured. What is the general feeling about insuring them - do you insure them individually or as a collection? Advice would be greatly appreciated. (for the record I...
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    Wanted: Muppet Theater Backstage Playset

    Hi. Just letting you know that there is a backstage playset on eBay uk for £250 - hope this helps.
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    When Will Muppet*Vision Be Removed

    According to Disboards the Muppet Vision experience HAS now closed at Hollywood studios Florida BUT it's only closed for about 6 weeks for a re-furb :)
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    For sale. Gonzo

    I have a crash helmet gonzo for sale still on original card - looking for about £25 ono. Thanks for looking.
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    What happened with the Muppet Photo Puppets?

    Yeah same here. I managed to get my Kermit for just £99 and Gonzo, strangely, cost me more at £115. Animal was the first one that I managed to pick up and the cheapest at only £80 - he was displayed for a while (now back in the box tho) but the other 2 have never been out to play
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    Master Replicas Sale: Kermit, Gonzo and Animal

    Hi Scouring round that online auction website and came across a listing for all 3 Master Replicas photo puppets with international shipping. I know people on here have been after these guys for a while so thought I would let you know (by the way this isnt my listing nor do I know who's it is)...
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    Uncle Deadly - OMGCNFO Exclusive

    Im interested in both if they are still available - please let me know
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    General Muppets Palisades Discussion

    Figures I have in my collection - All of the basic figures in all of the series variants of Lips (x2), Janice, Johnny Fiama (x2), Suggs and Zoot Superhero Scooter 3 different store exclusives of Animal all playsets all mega muppets Jim Henson exclusive holiday Rizzo lunchbox Kermit and Gonzo...
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    Help: Which Palisades figures would you choose?

    So you got Teeth - as earlier stated you just need to get the rest of the mayhem bunch now and the stage :) Whats your plan? Are you going to open it or keep it on its card? I've got all of the basics plus some variants and all are still on their cards - lined up they make an impressive sight...
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    Waldorf and Statler German dolls on eBay

    Watching this one with interest as Ive got one of these sets and have always wondered what its worth - very rare to see one of these on ebay
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    Jim Shore's Muppet Tradition Statues

    All of these are available in the UK from jewelery/gift shop called H Samuels (quite a big chain). Just checked and they have a 25% off sale at the mo but only Fozzie, Animal and Gonzo available
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    For Sale: Master Replica Kermit

    Dont know if you are still looking but there are 3 up for sale on - 2 are around the $700-750 and the other a whopping $1500 !!!!!!
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    Poster offer

    They do have an online page - its (and they are nice :))
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    Poster offer

    Sorry I dont have any pictures as I just took the application and not the page but from memory one of the posters has the complete gang on it, another Kermit and Piggy and the last one Animal (upside down I think)
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    Kermit backpack offer

    From the same people that did the Muppet stickers (Cravendale milk - milkmatters website) you can register your interest, collect the codes on their 2 ltr bottles (20 needed) and get yourself a Kermit backpack