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  1. Aaron the Great

    Which Muppets that weren't in Muppets Most Wanted did you want to see in that film?

    First time posting in a while. Actually I'm locked out of my account from the early 00's. But while I have no real problem with the characters shown in the last two movies (I finally got around to seeing most wanted only recently), I am sad to see Gonzo, Rizzo, and Pepe not having as big of a...
  2. Aaron the Great

    Need Floyd's Guitar/amp

    Anybody have an extra guitar/amp that came with the regular series 2 Floyd Pepper figure? Mine fell and broke and im having no luck whatsoever tryin to super-glue it. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Aaron the Great

    Opinions: The end of the Muppet line

    1. who are your top five favorite/ least favorite figures? Honestly there arent any five that i like better/worse than the others but I'll go with Jim Henson for my favorite because I feel like he really ties my collection together and Patrol Fozzie for my least favorite. I loved the BOP skits...
  4. Aaron the Great

    General Muppets Palisades Discussion

    \ Depends, if there are certain characters you particularly like go for them. Personally, Ive strived to get at least all of the individual characters and any variants I like.(although Im still workin on it) As for just which ones are "worth getting" thats kind of a personal preferance. Aside...
  5. Aaron the Great

    Lookin For a Backstage Playset

    Hey all, lookin for a backstage playset. I know the chances are slim but I need either a MIB one or a loose/complete one in great condition with all accessories (no broken parts). Im not expectin to pay $100 or anything. I know how pricy they are. But any help would be appreciated. The only one...
  6. Aaron the Great

    Lookin for Palisades Pepe and Rizzo

    Hey guys lookin for a moc or loose and complete (in good condition) rizzo (red and tan jacket) and pepe. Any help would be appreciated. And is there anywhere I could find a backstage playset? Ebay prices are ridiculous
  7. Aaron the Great

    Palisades Muppets Figures For Sale: Boxed and Loose

    Hey i may be interested in the Statler and Waldorf if you ship to the US. There are many others I'm lookin for if youd like to send me a full list of your loose figures.