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    The Muppets Omnibus

    Thanks. I got my copy of the Omnibus in the mail today, and noticed something that I'm sure others have spotted, but which doesn't seem to have been specifically mentioned in reviews. Namely, the original "Meet the Muppets" trade paperback included thirteen pages of Langridge's Disney...
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    The Muppets Omnibus

    Does the omnibus include the Muppet strips that Langridge produced for Disney Adventures, which were published as bonus material in the "Meet the Muppets" tpb of the first mini-series?
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    Marvel prepares Muppet Omnibus

    Marvel's new solicitations include the omnibus: THE MUPPETS OMNIBUS HC Written by ROGER LANGRIDGE Penciled by ROGER LANGRIDGE, SHELLI PAROLINE & AMY MEBBERSON Covers by ROGER LANGRIDGE & PHIL NOTO It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights! It’s time to turn the pages of this...
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    Video: Ben Folds Five and the Fraggles sing "Do It Anyway"

    From the Nerdist podcast, an interview with Ben Folds and, during the last ten minutes, a special Fraggle interview!
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    Video: Ben Folds Five and the Fraggles sing "Do It Anyway"

    Courtesy of The Nerdist, a brand-new Ben Folds Five music video, featuring the Fraggles!
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    Sesame Street Muppets on Garmin GPS

    I went looking for what novelty voices might be available for my new Garmin GPS, and what should I find? Garmin: Sesame Street Voices Bert & Ernie are currently available, and there are audio clips and a video demonstration to preview. Cookie Monster and Oscar are coming soon, but no dates...
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    The Muppet Bus on SNL

    Seth Rogen hosted Saturday Night Live this past week, which meant the return of not only Rowlf, but a whole busload of Muppets:
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    Cookie Monster on "The Colbert Report"

    Who needs YouTube when Colbert puts everything online? Cookie Monster on 'Colbert' Cookie Monster returns And here's the aforementioned Gitmo segment from The Daily Show: Guantanamo Baywatch
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    Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

    I caught a sneak preview of this film last night, and I thought I'd pass along that there's a Muppet cameo in the movie. And if you want spoilers: In the opening montage of people shopping at the Emporium, one of the shoppers is Kermit. Some kids react to his presence, and he has a couple...
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    Looking for an old sketch, circa 1982

    A friend of mine recently told me that when she was growing up in New York, she appeared in a Sesame Street sketch. She didn't remember everything about her bit, but I told her I'd do my best to try to track it down. Her name's Tiffany, and the sketch would've been sometime around 1982-1984...
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    Did Bert and Ernie ever bathe together?

    Don't worry, I wasn't trying to insinuate anything at all. (See for yourself.) I'm tired of hearing the claim myself, and was trying to dispute it. Aside from their age, it seems pretty clear to me that the two were intended as a riff on the Odd Couple. But some people see two characters...
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    Did Bert and Ernie ever bathe together?

    On another message board I frequent, the subject of Bert and Ernie came up, and one guy claims he's 99% certain that the two of them took baths together. I'm about that certain that they never did. The closest thing to a shared bath I can recall was in the "Do da Rubber Duck" sketch. But I...
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    Sale at Sam Goody

    I was in Sam Goody today, and although there were no signs or stickers to indicate it, the Muppet figures I bought rang up at a steep discount. Series 8 figures rang up at $5.61. Series 7 figures rang up at a measly $1.86 apiece. I ended up buying all 4 figures in the series at that...