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  1. Jedimasta

    The Jim Henson Company Puppets to perform at the 2011 Grammys

    Since we're arguing semantics, it should be made clear that the use of the word Muppet here is correct. Saying the Muppets were involved doesn't limit the reference to only Kermit, Fozzie, Piggy etc.. as defined by the Henson Workshop: "Individually, a Muppet is made by Jim Henson or his...
  2. Jedimasta

    Labyrinth 20th Anniversary Reunion

    Thanks for the linkage alorindanya. Although it's true it would have been cool to have Terry there, the primary reason for the show and gallery was to showcase the evolution of puppet tech over the last several decades. There were quite a few additional displays in their photo gallery, but...
  3. Jedimasta

    Labyrinth 20th Anniversary Reunion

    Well, I told Philip he was welcome to reproduce the article, but I've heard nothing back since. You're invited to read my article on my own page: www . media-geeks . com (remove spaces to get to the page, since I still havent posted enough here to grant url posting access)
  4. Jedimasta

    Labyrinth 20th Anniversary Reunion

    Thanks everyone. Yes, that is the clucker that starred alongside a very young Faruza Balk. I'm slowly but surely filling in the descriptions in between writing a proper article around the story. Admin Philip has already approached me about reprinting my article for MuppetCentral and once I've...
  5. Jedimasta

    Labyrinth 20th Anniversary Reunion

    The film was fantastic to see on the big screen again, and getting the chance to speak with Goelz and Prell was an honor. I'll be posting a full story on my website at www . media - geeks . com (board wont allow me to post URLs yet) shortly, but in the meantime, I got several dozen pictures...
  6. Jedimasta

    making of muppet vision 3D on travel channel

    I realize this happened a few weeks ago, but if you catch that this is going to air again, please post on it. I checked and and came up flat. Thanks!