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    How is Jerry Nelson doing?

    Dear Mr Nelson, I hope you receive this eventually, but you have been a great influence on my creative career as an illustrator and fine artist. Gobo is my favorite fraggle, and your singing has made me weep on occasion. I hope you are better soon. Sincerely, Tim
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    The RHLC!

    Hi, it's Frackles again! Sorry for disappearing for so long, life as an illustrator is very busy. I still miss Richard.
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    Could Baby Bear be autistic?

    It should be noted that the lisp baby bear has is, I think, to make him seem more innocent. My partner has a different way of speaking because he's deaf, maybe baby bear has a hearing problem?
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    Some observations on The Muppets on Muppets

    My favorite is Pepe's 3rd secret for sucess, "always rinse carefully, and allow to sit for 10 minutes before chilling".
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    Classic Sesame Clips on YouTube

    To mention the Bayou Alphabet, I was ALWAYS OBSESSED with that foam iguana that kermit sings to. I have a "thing" for lizards, yet Jim Seems to have used them so sparingly...
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    What sketches scared you as a kid?

    The song with the shark singing about his "bright white teeth", he had this AWFUL gravelly voice that grated and growled, that terrified me as a kid.
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    The RHLC!

    Finding a role-model. Hello, My name is Tim Morris, and I am both a muppet/Henson fan and a Ricahrd Hunt fan. At the risk of treading into a taboo area (for which I apologise if I do), I would like to say why I, personally, find Ricahrd Hunt inspirational. Before I get into the meat of my...
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    Your Thoughts: Sesame Street Season 40

    Someone mentioned Abby's Flying Fairy School. I personally very much like the premise of the show, wholly because of who *designed* the characters. He is a very well-known and prestigious illustrator and concept-designer, Peter De Seve. His other great achievements are of course, the characters...
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    New Members: Please Post and Introduce Yourself

    Introducing myself. Hello, My name is Tim Morris and I am new to Muppet Central forums. I am crazy about all things Jim Henson and Muppet. Fraggle Rock, Sesame street, and the Muppet show are some of my all time favorite television shows. I'm a big Dark Crystal fan. I am an illustrator and...
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    Humans and Fraggles...

    All very stimulating. I tend to think of fraggles as more of a spiritual creature, like the muppets, that humans coexist with because our minds are full of similar denizens.
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    Humans and Fraggles...

    Didnt Doc get a letter from Kermit in one episode? If so, maybe it's just one universe that all muppets exist in alongside humans (talking hypothetically that is).
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    To Aussie FR fans...

    I'm glad it's actually on TV in OZ again, now I just need my dad to buy a set-top box.:confused: I heard Mopatop's shop is also on ABC2, I rented the dvd. It was good to see some old reused muppets on there, Begoony from From Fraggle Rock appeared as a 'Mooncreature' (and WOW, he's faded abit...