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    Muppet Home Video releases

    I can help you with those. I have retails of all.;)
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    4 Muppet tapes for trade

    I m interested in trading. please email . I do have references I can provide you with. I would also be willing to covert to dvds for you for free. here are my 2 trading sites this has my movies, tv shows, and cartoons, all formats...
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    Every Muppet Show Episode on VCD

    Vcdworldwide- I need the Muppet show set I have been trying to reach you here and other forums. I am very intersted in your set. I would love to have all 120 eps. just as long as it's watchable is all I care about. Please email me or anyone that has any henson stuff on vhs ...
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    Muppets Tonight episodes for trade

    I d love get those episodes. I have Dinosaurs complete.
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    Any plans for Dinosaurs on DVD?

    Dinosaurs on dvd I have all 65 episodes on 5 dvdr. I m looking for episodes of the muppet show I dont have. The rest of Story teller that ran HBO complete. Not the 9 eps. on dvd. Or anything henson related I dont have.
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    Wanted: Muppet Musicians of Bremen

    Wanted MUPPET MUSICIAN OF BREMEM I have it. In fact, I just transfered a copy to dvd r. I would be willing to trade for anything I dont have.
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    Every Muppet Show Episode on VCD

    Muppet vcds Ill take them. I have alot of vcds not just muppets to trade.
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    Vintage Henson VCDs Trade

    Henson vcds Im interested in your vcds. Id like to trade. Email me for list. :)
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    Wanted: Unedited Muppet Family Christmas

    muppet family christmas I have it on vhs. I could dub it.
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    I need the Jim Henson Hour on VHS or VCD

    Jim HENSON HOUR I would love some episodes too. I m also looking for Story TELLER COMPLETE series other than the 9 on dvd . The rest of the series aired on HBO plus in UK, JAPAN , and australia. I have a nice henson collection: DINOSAURS- THE SERIES complete 5 dvdr MUPPET TIME...