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  1. Muppetgirl09

    One-shots of sorts

    Aww, thank you! I might make a part two of this one-shot!
  2. Muppetgirl09

    One-shots of sorts

    Hi, it's been a long time since I've been here! I'm planning on coming back soon though! I've been writing some one-shots and I want you guys to read them. NOTE: I haven't written Muppet fanfics in a bit so it may seem OOC. I hope you enjoy reading them as I update them! Title: We're up late...
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    Let's Give the FanFics a Comeback!

    I'm planning on making a comeback soon! I'm currently writing a series of one-shots for fellow Muppet fans. Since I haven't written Muppet fanfics in a bit, they may seem OOC which is something I'm trying to watch with care. <3
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    On Writing Fan Fiction (Rules & Advice)

    When it comes to the characters, I sort them on a piece of paper and separate them into sections. How I write and how other people write vary. I've been writing for almost ten years(not on here) so I think the more you write, the better understanding you'll have which helps you grasp things like...
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    I'll Always be Around

    Chapter two Fozzie smiles a strange smile as Kermit walks to the bear. "Frog of my heart, can I help you?" "Actually," Kermit replies with a heavy sigh. If he doesn't ask now, he'll probably never will. "Did Piggy have a crush on Constantine while I was gone?" The bear tries to hide his...
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    Let's Give the FanFics a Comeback!

    I know! This is going to be the first time that I'm going to be able to write again in such a long time! Of course, I have two papers due next week.
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    I'll Always be Around

    I'M BACK, YA'LL! I know I have been M.I.A for a little bit so let me tell you what this story is about! This is going to be different from my past works, so please keep that in mind. The story is about reconnected love of Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy! I'm mixing MMW and Up Late with Miss...
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    Let's Give the FanFics a Comeback!

    I'm always told that I need to come back, and I'm trying to make time for it. In all seriousness, I'm busy with college. Just so happens that I'm writing a non-Muppet novel that's going to published.
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    Rekindle us?

    Chapter three The next morning was the start of their vacation, and they know how to make a vacation worth while with parties and returning home. Home, a place where they can relax and talk about life, has been more than one home. It was a place to show compassion and love. Kermit was staying...
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    Rekindle us?

    Chapter two While the rest of the gang were having a ball at the party, Kermit was sitting by himself at a booth. He didn't know what to think, but he knew that he wanted to get back together with Piggy as he watched her with Deadly. Piggy and Deadly became best friends over time and although...
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    Iowa Pig in a big city

    THIS IS ABOUT THE DIVA HERSELF AND MAYBE SHE"LL FIND LOVE AGAIN! Note: This is a different style of writing than I'm used to, so mistakes are prone. Thanks guys! Chapter 1 It's not easy being in the large city of Las Angles, and being a high class diva from Iowa is even harder. Miss Piggy, the...
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    Future 2015-16 fics and one shots?

    Hey everybody! I would like you to vote on three story ideas! 1. Kermit and Piggy get back together and take on their four month break together. (based on my take after the final episode of ABC's The Muppets) 2. The Muppet gang decide to make another Muppet movie, but no one knows what it...
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    Rekindle us?

    A Kermit and Miss Piggy story! Chapter one The boarding house was loud as the Muppet gang was being loud for the party planning. What party? The end-of-the-season party, of course! "Okay, everyone," Kermit began. "Where are we going to have the party?" "You mean the location?" Dr. Honeydew...
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    Working harder

    It was summer in New York City as Kermit The Frog was shopping at a grocery store for his gang, and he loved to help the gang and not because it was his job. He wasn't the same frog as he was when he got the the theater back, and he knew for a fact that he needed to work harder at not only at...
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    I'm going home

    I take that as a compliment!
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    Catching You

    Chapter one The season of "Up Late with Miss Piggy" has ended as Kermit the Frog went all the way to prove his love for Piggy-If a frog really loved a pig, he would sneak in food to the flight attendant. Now, Kermit and Piggy returned back to America, but the decision wasn't made. The frog...
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    Five Years After Constantine

    Hey fellow Muppet people, what's up!? Well, this fic takes place five years after MMW and it might be a little bit different, so kick back, get yourself a drink, and enjoy this comeback fiction! ~~~~~~~~~ Chapter one It was a hot and sunny day in the city of Hensonville and The Muppet gang...
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    What's been happening?

    Well, I'm just gonna start this off with the fact that I am alive and well... I woke up yesterday morning to find out that I'm dead and it got on Facebook. Luckily, it didn't cause any uproar in my school. I apologize of the tarry. I was-let's just say, doing through some crazy things...
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    I'm going home

    Kermit sighed as his girl was nearly dead. But luckily, she was alive. "Piggy?" Kermit asked. The swine turned to the frog. "What? What?" "How are you feeling?" The frog asked. With tarry, she sighed and turned away. "I don't know." "I'm sorry this thing has happened to you," he went to...
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    Ex VS girlfriend: Piggy/Kermit/Denise

    Chapter two The music was blasting as the gang was partying-all but three. Kermit and Denise was flirting-Denise was anyways. Kermit was too busy starring at the blonde swine, who happens to be on the other side, covering her face with her knees as she was isolsated from the rest. Once again...