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  1. amiki chan

    Prayers and thoughts for Jane Henson

    Prayers from my family to yours Jane.
  2. amiki chan

    Fan Poll: Favorite Muppet Christmas Production

    Muppet Family Christmas for me. Having the "whole" family together was amazing! Sesame Street, The Muppets and Fraggle Rock characters enjoying the holiday. Plus having Jim Henson there with everyone makes it extra special. Also the Icy Patch running gag is hilarious to this day:D
  3. amiki chan

    Celebrating Frank Oz!

    WOW! So many Gemini babies including myself :P Happy Birthday Mr. Oz :)
  4. amiki chan

    The Muppets Wizrad of Oz: ONE YEAR LATER

    I still haven't seen it since it aired the 1st time last year. I know my library has it so I'll get theirs and watch it sooner or later:P
  5. amiki chan

    Your Thoughts: Kermit and Piggy at the TV Land Awards

    It was pretty cute I thought. It came on this morning at 9:00 and it's just ending now. Hopefully Piggy will sound better next time. And I LOVE porkchops!! LOL
  6. amiki chan

    Your Thoughts: Kevin Clash on Oprah

    She kinda ticked me off too. I don't really watch her but when I do it's to see her guests not her. I bit the bullet and wrote to her LOL. Here's what I sent: I've thought about asking this for some time and I've decided to go ahead with it. You have very interesting people on your show...
  7. amiki chan

    Did the Muppets get a make-over in the "From Space" movie?

    They all seem to subtly change over time. It seems more obvious in Miss Piggy. She looks more polished in every film. They change her hairstyles a lot.
  8. amiki chan

    Jerry Juhl tribute photo

    Lovely tribute to Jerry Juhl Vic:)
  9. amiki chan

    Celebrating Jerry Juhl

    Man I hadn't heard about this on the news at all today :cry: My condolences to Mr. Juhl's family as well.
  10. amiki chan

    Happy Birthday Steve Whitmire & Jim Henson

    Happy belated birthday to you both :)
  11. amiki chan

    Attn KermiClown: Request for Muppet Special

    That's OK. Thanks for letting me know ;) BTW if anyone has the unedited version of this special reply to this thread. Thanks to all.
  12. amiki chan

    Attn KermiClown: Request for Muppet Special

    Add On Any Member Here I am Requesting Help Um I know this isn't an official site for the Muppets. This is a trade forum and I was requesting KermiClown's attention. He is a member here and like I stated I got a copy of Muppet Family Christams from him awhile back and wanted to find out if he...
  13. amiki chan

    Attn KermiClown: Request for Muppet Special

    Hello! I really like The Muppet Family Christmas DVD you made and I would like to ask if you have an unedited copy of John Denver & The Muppets: Rocky Mountain Holiday. If so I would like to arrange a DVD request from you for this special. Please reply. Thank you :)
  14. amiki chan

    New book of Jim Henson's Wisdom due in September

    Got my copy yesterday. I haven't had the time to sit down and read it but Jim Henson is not on the cover of the book. Only a picture of Kermit is on the front and the book is really small. Only a little larger than a cd case. ;)
  15. amiki chan

    Your Thoughts: TMS Season 1 DVD

    Just got The Muppet Show DVDs from the library and I have enjoyed them. I'm still undecided as to whether I would buy this or not but I have another question. If Disney's reasoning for editing the "original pitch reel" was either Kermit saying "What the ****?" or the CBS logo at the end. If...
  16. amiki chan

    Another Jim Hill Muppet rant

    LOL!! You're so very right! Don't know what I was thinking about. Now I'm wondering if I spelled his last name right ;)
  17. amiki chan

    Another Jim Hill Muppet rant

    Amen to that! There is absolutely no reason for Disney to not include the FULL pitch reel. I might change my mind and buy it later but I kinda doubt it after this. The library will get this set and I'll watch theirs.
  18. amiki chan

    Another Jim Hill Muppet rant

    Fozzie Bear I have never seen that pitch reel and I never will see it in its' entirety thank to Disney's editing. I might buy it later but I don't wanna buy it now anymore. I just feel jipped :cry:
  19. amiki chan

    Muppets Season 1 releases Aug 9, 2005

    Remember I asked about exactly a month ago and everyone thought it would be included. Disney is screwing us over already. Please excuse my grammar or edit this but that is how I feel right now. :boo:
  20. amiki chan

    Another Jim Hill Muppet rant

    This is rediculous! I like The Muppet Show and I wanted everything on the DVD set to be uncut. What the **** are they thinking?! I am seriously considering canceling my order for Season 1 now :mad: