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    Fraggle 2006 Calendar now available

    I just got my 2006 fraggle calendar last week!!! I Absolutley LOVE it!!! The Pictures are awesome! I can't wait till 2006, so I can hang it up!
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    What Broadway musicals have you seen?

    I saw Phantom of the Opera 4 times at the movie theater!!! I just bought the DVD, and have watched it at least 20 times!! I'm going to see it in New York this June!!!
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    The Male Fraggle Fan's Plight

    That's so true!!!
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    Which is Better?

    I agree with Baby Sinclair. I've always liked Fraggles much better than the Muppet show. I also thought it was corny, and sometimes boring. I still love it thought! My favorite episode has to be the Harry Belafonte episode! Didymus
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    "Puppet Parade" goes Worldwide!

    Thanks for the Compliments! I am now realizing that "Mr. Frog" does look too much like Kermit's Nephew. I may have to replace him! Thanks for pointing that out! Sir Didymus
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    My Fraggle Hole

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    "Puppet Parade" goes Worldwide!

    Hello Everyone, Some of you may know that I am involved in a local childrens show here in Southern Oregon called "Puppet Parade". It's a bible based show featuring some of my own handmade puppets. Anyway, we have 47 episodes filmed, and they have been airing here in Grants Pass, Or. But...
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    Sababa Mokey Plush and Fraggle UNO

    FRAGGLE UNO!!!!! That's wonderful!! I Can't wait!! I'm going to have the most perfect Fraggle Collection! Didymus
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    Fraggle Rock Awards

    I think Mokey is a way better singer than Red! Didymus
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    Fraggle Action Figures WERE possible...

    I think it would be so cool if they made a playset of the Gorgs castle!! Or if they made a Trash Heap playset!!! That would be great! didymus
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    Jareth Costume

    Very nice! All you need now is some glass balls! You did and excellent job! Didymus
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    Original Fraggle sketches

    I'm hoping that "Down at Fraggle Rock" will be one of the extras on the Special Edition Fraggle Dvd coming out in October! That would be awesome. Sir Didymus
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    Fraggle Stuff at Disney World

    I'm going to Disneyland again in October, I hope they'll have Fraggle stuff there! As for the Fraggle shirts, I have a bad feeling they are only for girls :(
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    Your Thoughts: Fraggle Rock DVD

    I just got it today! I absolutely love it! The menus are excellent, and I love the music they play. The only thing I hate about about the DVD is Pingu. He is so stupid, I don't know why the dumb penquin is on there, but oh well! Sir Didymus
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    Your Thoughts: Fraggle Rock DVD

    Also, I am going to buy 2 of these, just because I want future releases!! Didymus
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    Your Thoughts: Fraggle Rock DVD

    I am currently in Kentucky for a month, and I am just dying to get this DVD! I checked a Wal Mart yesterday, and the lady checked a piece of paper that said "Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock" July 27! I can't wait! After the lady told me when it comes out, a customer behind me said "Oh, I love Fraggle...
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    New Fraggle Rock Messenger Bags

    Here's a Gobo Bag on ebay: Sir Didymus
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    Wembley and Boober arrive at Hot Topic

    When I bought mine, the cashier was like "These are so cool, it's hard to let them go!" Didymus
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    Fraggle DVD coming this summer in the US

    I think it's silly not to buy it, because it only has 2 episodes. I'm just thankful that one of the best shows ever made is finally available. Sir Didymus