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    Opinions: The end of the Muppet line

    1. who are your top five favorite/ least favorite figures? My top five favorite figures: Bunsen, Gonzo with camilla, Beaker, Jim Henson, first Fozzie Bear Least Favorite Figures: Short Hair Piggy, Blue Floyd, Red Zoot, Super Beaker, Vacation Fozzie (and I hate when figures are tacky or...
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    Superhero Scooter Question.

    Thanks! That's pretty cool to see. My Muppet collection has REALLY moved along since I last posted. I have found some really great deals, causing me to spend more than I should, but pick up figures much quicker and at a much lower price than I ever thought I would. I did break down and buy...
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    Superhero Scooter Question.

    Thanks! I guess I'll stay on the lookout for a cheaper standard Scooter. It may be a pipe dream, but I'm hoping to get my collection for on average $15 a figure. Due to a great stroke of luck, I've about done that. In just one month, at an average of $15 a figure, I've picked up...
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    Superhero Scooter Question.

    Hello, I finally gave in after years of admiration and started collecing the Palisades Muppet figures. I started out slow, buying the cheaper figures I could afford until I got lucky and bought someone's packaged collection on ebay for really low prices. (on average $7 a figure). I...