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  1. Magellan

    New Muppet movie in development for potential 2013 release

    Ahh! I just saw this on facebook and am SO excited! Best birthday present ever! I'm really glad that Disney is getting the Muppets back into the main stream.
  2. Magellan

    The Jim Henson Company Puppets to perform at the 2011 Grammys

    I unfortunately didn't catch it on tv since I didn't realize it was going to be on but I just saw part of a very ghetto video clip of it on youtube and I really did think at first that Elton John had turned into a large black man and I was very confused. If anyone finds a better quality of the...
  3. Magellan

    New Video: "Stand By Me"

    I would be ecstatic. For some reason even the idea seemed so far out of the realm of possibility that my mind could not come up with that wish on my on. Over all though, I enjoyed the video, it was nicely muppet show reminiscent but I really don't think it can hold a candle to the Bohemian Rhapsody.
  4. Magellan

    Muppeteer Jerry Nelson releases studio album, "Truro Daydreams"

    I looked on iTunes and didn't see it. Anyone find it slash know if it's going to be available on iTunes? I know its available for download on that other site but unfortunately the only means of paying for it that I have right now is an iTunes giftcard which sadly isn't so helpful at the moment.
  5. Magellan

    Your Thoughts: Kermit's Ford Super Bowl Commercial

    ford is supposed to have a new green image, as in more environmentally friendly? thats hecka awesome, why didn't they mention that in the commercial, then it would have all made sense oops, the commercial was for a hybrid, silly me, i guess everyone was just so excited to see kermit we all...
  6. Magellan

    Your Thoughts: Kermit's Ford Super Bowl Commercial

    my thoughts exactly, at first i was bummed Kermit was selling a car but then i guess i finally accepted that it was at least good to let people know that the muppets are indeed not dead
  7. Magellan

    Favorite Fraggle?

    I'm going with Gobo too, but its a tough question
  8. Magellan

    My custom Hasbro Fraggles...

    wow, so awesome and nifty, i especially enjoy the worlds oldest and convincing john
  9. Magellan

    It's Official: Fraggle Rock Season 1 Box Set

    oh snap, i'm so excited about this, good stuff, and in time to be a christmas present, yayness
  10. Magellan

    Puppetry Menu

    oh man, it never ceases to amaze me the awesomeness of the menus up there, wootness for that!
  11. Magellan

    Favorite cave creatures besides Fraggles

    oh man, i think they're all so awesome, i think i'll have to pick the clam things and mokey's pet plant, i thought his name was lambert though, woopies, learn something new everyday
  12. Magellan

    Fraggle Rock Philosophy

    oh man, its such an awesome comcept, i love it!
  13. Magellan

    Your Thoughts: Dance Your Cares Away DVD

    i enjoyed it quite a lot, but i find it annoying that you have to go through the whole triva thing again every time you want to watch the bonus episode again, so far i'd have to say i like the 1st one better, but the musical history of fraggle rock on the special edition was the most amazing...
  14. Magellan

    How many Fraggle DVD's have been released?

    oh man, i didn't know about the last one, it comes out the day before my b-day, thats exciting
  15. Magellan

    Jersey Represent!

    well, i'm actually from central jersey (seaside actually) but generally people don't accept the fact that central jersey exists, to most people its either north or south, when people ask were in jersey, i always say central, and they are like, umm no, you're either north or south, so i go with...
  16. Magellan

    Jersey Represent!

    so many people from south jersey, SO awesome
  17. Magellan

    Dangerous Chicken

    oh my goodness, the music at the end is totally the best eva!
  18. Magellan

    ASK THE GREAT FOZZINI (Spring 2004 Ed.)

    how awesome is the new fraggle DVD going to be compared to the 1st one?
  19. Magellan

    My 1,000 post!

    par-tay *bring cheese platter*
  20. Magellan

    My Grandma died

    saddness, you've got my prayers