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  1. AquaGGR

    Does anyone else wish the series was more like the S&V pilot?

    A few days ago I rewatched the Sex & Violence pilot after not having seen it for many years, and found myself enjoying it even more than I did the first time around. It may be a hot take, but does anyone else wish TMS followed more in line with the vibe of that pilot? I know a lot of people...
  2. AquaGGR

    Another Stupid movie to Overreact to...

    I don’t think either one is getting a theatrical release (Del Toro’s is a Netflix project IIRC) but I almost wish they both did, solely to have dueling Pinocchios at the box office for the first and only time ever. Lionsgate is also dropping a Russian animated adaptation this year with Pauly...
  3. AquaGGR

    Another Stupid movie to Overreact to...

    Teaser for the “live action” Pinocchio remake dropped today, because apparently some huge mystery constituency exists out there champing at the bit for Disney to keep pumping these out. But just seeing “legendary director Robert Zemeckis” and “Pinocchio” together immediately made me conjure up...
  4. AquaGGR

    The "You know what?" thread

    Hopefully I’m not poking at a fire, but I haven’t been truly active here in like 7-8 years (wouldn’t blame anyone for not remembering me) and logged back in today out of curiosity: My “You know what?” is it’s interesting to see MC is seemingly having the opposite problem from when I frequented...
  5. AquaGGR

    Songs where we're more familiar with covers than the originals

    A sort of interesting case is "Video Killed the Radio Star." While the song was written by The Buggles, but it was first recorded by co-writer Bruce Woolley. I remember someone remarked that this version is probably less popular because it lacks those backup singers. The song loses a ton...
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    The Funny Picture Thread

  7. AquaGGR

    The Best/Worst Song Covers Thread

    This cover of Holiday by Green Day. :laugh: Accordions make everything better.
  8. AquaGGR

    Now what's going on with YouTube?

    On the YT phone app I keep getting a problem where halfway through the video will cut off and restart, but the timeline won't reset back to 0:00. So I have to watch the whole thing over again and can't skip around. Anyone else experience that?
  9. AquaGGR

    What song can you not get out of your head?

    I've been listening to this. Multiple times.
  10. AquaGGR

    SpongeBob SquarePants

    This has probably already been mentioned , but Nick is also making a Rocko's Modern Life film. I'm probably even more excited for that instead of the SB movie, even though this'll won't be released in theaters.
  11. AquaGGR

    What song can you not get out of your head?

    The trombone part in this song at 1:05 has been stuck in my head ever since I had lunch and I have no idea why. :insatiable:
  12. AquaGGR

    Lost Media Wiki

    I do enjoy the idea. The film looked like some sort of disposable bargain bin DVD at first, judging by the cover and brief Amazing description of the premise. But after hearing the scriptwriter's explanation I really would like to see how this film would play out. Which is a shame, since if...
  13. AquaGGR

    The Best/Worst Song Covers Thread

    The first like, nine Kidz Bop albums are the only ones I find especially terrible. The excessive censorship I never mind too much (KB as a whole is targeted towards super protective moms anyways) but the thing that gets me is the awful production. I just listened to the first album again out of...
  14. AquaGGR

    Video: Electric Mayhem at Outside Lands 2016

    Awesome. The EM doing live gigs seems like a great thing for them to do more often.
  15. AquaGGR

    Lost Media Wiki

    This ADWSS film apparently has most of its script and some promo material finished, but no filming ever took place. So, it does still count as lost. I am curious to see if the film will ever be completed. According to the creator and LMW there'll be some sort of crowdfunding effort for it.
  16. AquaGGR

    Lost Media Wiki

    I have no idea why A Day with SpongeBob SquarePants - some DTV parody of SpongeBob, became the most sought after and investigated lost film for a few months. Of all things, an unauthorized SpongeBob flick. Looks like the mystery behind that film has been solved with an incredibly anti-climactic...
  17. AquaGGR

    The "I Saw Something REALLY Weird Today" Thread

    I always get spam followers on my Twitter, which I hear is a common occurrence. Even though it happens all the time it's still pretty weird. I wonder what specifically draws them to certain pages.
  18. AquaGGR

    Questions about anything

    Oh, yep. My bad...use Spybot instead JT Yorke.
  19. AquaGGR

    Questions about anything

    This and this might help you.