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  1. Beakerfan

    The Muppets Episode 1 - Pig Girls Don't Cry (Pilot)

    Haven't had a chance to chime in till now... I LOVED IT! Yes, there will always be things to nit-pick about, but I found it charming. I love that they are exploring areas that have never been approached (i.e. Fozzie's girlfriend). I felt Piggy was totally believable and relatable as she dealt...
  2. Beakerfan

    Favorite Humans Characters

    Bob. Always and forever Bob lol. Plus Maria and Luis.
  3. Beakerfan

    None Like it Hot: The "I Hate the Heat" Club

    Soooooo tired of this heat! The worst part is that it's cold in the mornings and then blazing in the afternoon - I never know how to dress for work! I'm so ready for winter. Anything but this, really.
  4. Beakerfan

    My true love unleashed...

    Hey, at least it also proves I was once a formidable (is that the right word? It's the only one I can think of) member of this forum lol.
  5. Beakerfan

    Happy Birthday Katzi428 (Kathy)

    Happy birthday Kathy! Hope it's been delightful :)
  6. Beakerfan

    The Saddest thing that reminds you that you're old...

    I loved Beakman's World. I dressed as Ms. Frizzle for storybook character day at work and NONE of the kids knew who I was... that made me feel terribly old.
  7. Beakerfan

    The Moppet Family - A Celebration of 10 Years

    Whoo! *throws penguins*
  8. Beakerfan

    Happy Birthday Jamie!

    Happy birthday Jamie ^_^
  9. Beakerfan

    Your Life A-Z

    I know, right? I feel like a disgrace to the name of Winchester when I say that haha.
  10. Beakerfan

    Your Life A-Z

    Yay I love things like this! A- Spoken for! B- My sistah from another mistah C- Cake ^_^ D- Rootbeer or Grape Nehi E- My handy-dandy pointer stick F- Pink, but really, all of them G- Bears H- In the Bay Area I- Chocolate and romantic comedies J- February K- None yet L- My God M- July 26, 2014...
  11. Beakerfan

    New Muppet Pilot in Development by Randall Einhorn (The Office, Modern Family) for ABC

    This is so exciting! I'm not too worried about how it will do - I think there's enough of us excited and waiting for it that it has a chance for a decent following.
  12. Beakerfan

    Muppets With People's Eyes

    These are soooo creepy. I think Statler and Waldorf look less creepy because they're human, so it's a little more believable to see them with human eyes.
  13. Beakerfan

    Learn Something New Everyday Thread

    Yeah, it's so you can't like discover that the pollen was taken from next to a coal mine and stuff like that.
  14. Beakerfan

    Learn Something New Everyday Thread

    Today I learned that companies who mass-produce honey often filter out all the pollen so that it cannot be traced back to its source. This then removes all (or most) health benefits from the honey.
  15. Beakerfan

    Should Walter be a main character in place of Rowlf and Scooter?

    I think perhaps the change in Fozzie's humor/personality has been influenced by the change in the type of comedy the world currently finds popular. Many comedies these days are less intelligent and rely more on stupid or crude humor. Therefore, in order to draw an audience, stupidity becomes the...
  16. Beakerfan

    I Ain't Doing It!

    It was so hard to get up this morning haha... unfortunately I *have* to follow DST, being a teacher. So annoying.
  17. Beakerfan

    Should Walter be a main character in place of Rowlf and Scooter?

    Why on earth would Scooter and Rowlf be replaced? Yikes man. I mean, yeah they haven't had much screen time lately but you can't replace a staple character like that. Walter is a nice character, but the fact is that he will never have the following that the other two have. Besides, I think it...
  18. Beakerfan

    Happy Birthday Marty!

    Happy birthday Marty!
  19. Beakerfan

    The "I Did Something Stupid Today" Thread

    One that says "I know you are but what am I"?
  20. Beakerfan

    Labyrinth - The Four Guards scene

    Haha my husband and I were discussing this yesterday. So thankful for your explaination, Slackbot!