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  1. mjb1124

    Sesame Street Season 24 Episode 3007 - Snuffy Organizes the Snuffketeers

    Weird observation: This episode is brought to you by the letter L and I, but there was only one I segment in the episode (I for ice cream cartoon), and HBO Max edited it out (along with the itchy gorilla cartoon). That aside, this is a good representation of what I'd consider to be the last...
  2. mjb1124

    Steve Whitmire has left the Muppets, Matt Vogel to continue as Kermit

    I'm actually starting to wonder if there are things going on behind the scenes that are holding the video back. Maybe they've had some second thoughts about letting Steve go and are in negotiations with him? And no, this isn't wishful thinking - while I'd certainly welcome Steve back, I'm...
  3. mjb1124

    Your Thoughts: Sesame Street Old School Volume 3 1979-1984 DVD

    I realize I may be in the minority, but if there are future volumes, and they're treated like this, then I won't be supporting them either. The funding credits and Friday credit crawls alone wouldn't have been a make-or-break deal for me, as much as I am a completist and have a fascination with...
  4. mjb1124

    Your Thoughts: Sesame Street Old School Volume 3 1979-1984 DVD

    So are the opening/closing harmonica theme cues removed as well? What about the funding credits? In any case, call me overtly obsessive and fanatical if you will, but their inability to clear their own theme song has left me inclined to not support this release. Perhaps if there were a big...
  5. mjb1124

    Romney wants ads during Sesame Street

    ^We really could use a man like him again...
  6. mjb1124

    "MAN OR MUPPET" Nominated for Best Original Song OSCAR!

    I'm pretty mixed on this. I'm glad anything from the movie got nominated, and I'd say the odds are in favor of it winning against that Rio song. But to be honest, "Man or Muppet" was my least favorite of the three major songs in contention, and I thought they would have at least nominated one...
  7. mjb1124

    Since when does Family Communications Incorporated own the rights to Sesame Street?

    The name "Family Communications" isn't even used anymore - it's now The Fred Rogers Company. Something's fishy here...
  8. mjb1124

    The Muppets is now the top-grossing Muppet movie

    Wow... The Muppets had a rough Christmas. The movie fell down to #13 in the rankings (its first individual day out of the top 10), dropping 23.2% from the previous day to $466,000. Meanwhile, pretty much every other movie in theatres saw an increase in sales from the previous day. What...
  9. mjb1124

    What's in store for the Muppets in 2012 article

    Box Office Mojo has posted the Wednesday numbers. And although sales are down from Monday and Tuesday, they still were increased from the previous week, and the movie managed to rise in the rankings from #9 to #8. So the gang is still holding its own in spite of dropping theater counts -...
  10. mjb1124

    Weinstein rolls with Fraggle Rock movie

    It flopped, plain and simple. I follow GSN's ratings, and when LNL was on, it got very low numbers compared to shows that GSN normally aired in those timeslots, and even brought down the numbers of shows that came on after. And this was in spite of very heavy promotion. Maybe the show...
  11. mjb1124

    New Henson GSN show: Late Night Liars

    According to BuzzerBlog, the show is now officially called Late Night Liars. It will be hosted by Larry Miller, and will debut on June 10th at 11 PM.
  12. mjb1124

    James Bobin to direct Muppets new theatrical movie

    At least on paper, this seems like a great choice. They need people who can help give the Muppets universal appeal again.... to elevate them above the level of a nostalgia trip or something for the kids in the eyes of the masses. They're definitely headed in the right direction with the...
  13. mjb1124

    Does Your Family Member have a fav. skit?

    My mother has always been very fond of "Put Down the Duckie" (particularly the celebrity version).
  14. mjb1124

    What are the lamest, Dullest, and Worst Non-Muppet segments?

    I remember the first time I saw the "Hey Cow..." film, I thought "cool, I love cows!". And the song was catchy at first. But then it just went on and on and on. I swear, anybody who thinks SS shortens people's attention spans should see this film. :D
  15. mjb1124

    MC isn't what it used to be

    I'm an old-school SS fan who hasn't been at this board that long, doesn't post that often, and doesn't know nearly as much about classic SS as a lot of the veterans probably do. But I don't think that makes me less of a "true" fan. As others have said, everybody's a "newbie" at some point, and...
  16. mjb1124

    Muppet Babies opening sequence question

    Little Muppet Monsters aired at the beginning of season 2.
  17. mjb1124

    Custom DVDs from Sesame Workshop: can anyone confirm?

    What you could do is just give every title that's been given for the segment, and maybe a short description. That should be more than enough info for them to figure out that you want Baker #1.
  18. mjb1124

    The many closing credits of Muppet Babies

    Here's the Season 1 credits (apparently from the French dubbed version). And here's a clip of the Season 2 credits with the original logos. Also features the "go bye bye" ending and some vintage commercials.
  19. mjb1124

    Your Thoughts: Sesame Street Old School Volume 2

    Nope, that ad is not present on either DVD set. There isn't even a SW logo to be found.
  20. mjb1124

    Your Thoughts: Sesame Street Old School Volume 2

    TEC Vol. 2 had the Old School Vol. 1 promo.