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  1. Barry Lee

    The Muppet Central Mysteries

    These are a trip! The SuperMuppet story totally made me also remember the "BobHopeFan" story too. Wow.
  2. Barry Lee

    Richard Hunt & Frank Oz Film Cameo

    Muppet Wiki is you're friend :)
  3. Barry Lee

    Mp3 Copy of "Old Brown Ears"

    Hi! I forgot where the Muppet MP3 trade thread was, but could anybody be willing to send me this album? Thanks! :fanatic:
  4. Barry Lee

    Rewind Reviews: A Special Sesame Street Christmas

    This is a great review!
  5. Barry Lee

    Has anyone found a way to watch "The Muppets" on the internet?

    SUPPORT THE MUPPETS by going to the theater!!
  6. Barry Lee

    Your Thoughts: "The Muppets" Theatrical Film

    I got to see an early screening of it last week, and I'll be seeing it again tomorrow. But overall I give this a B. This is a love letter to fans and The Muppets themselves. Little tidbits I enjoyed At the end of "Life's a Happy Song" when Gary, Mary, and Walter leave they all fall down. I...
  7. Barry Lee

    Early Reports: Looks like Muppets will be #2 (next to Twilight)

    We can't garuntee whether or not it will be number two until the end of the weekend. Either way it's getting critical acclaim and 2 is always better than 3. :batty:
  8. Barry Lee

    "The Muppets" first preview screening

    It's interesting that since they rebuilt all these characters we're so extremely dissatisfied that some others weren't built, remember to be thankful for what we got!
  9. Barry Lee

    Steve Whitmire-Old Pictures (1977)

    You should actually see about posting information at MuppetWiki. It's a very reliable source for Muppet information, and they'd encourage it! :wisdom:
  10. Barry Lee

    OK Go and The Muppets Music Video debuts August 23

    Jaw. Dropped. :crazy:
  11. Barry Lee

    The Swine Trek Saga: A New Hog

    Thanks you guys! More is coming super soon! :eek:
  12. Barry Lee

    The Swine Trek Saga: A New Hog

    Oh you'll be seeing a ton of Stangepork and Piggy to come, no worries ;)
  13. Barry Lee

    The Swine Trek Saga: A New Hog

    Note: As you can tell, we don't go to space just yet, but there will be some background information etc. to the story before we just go to Koozebane, so expect surprises. :cluck::zany::ouch:
  14. Barry Lee

    The Swine Trek Saga: A New Hog

    Posting Part I of Chapter Two to bump the thread. :o Chapter 2 (Part I) The alarm is set for 6 am, as green hands hit the snooze button, Kermit yawns as he nestles in his bed. Stretching his flippers, he gradually snarls as he raises his petite head and roars as if he was a lion fresh out...
  15. Barry Lee

    The Swine Trek Saga: A New Hog

    Hi-Ho! Be prepared for a new series of Fan Fictions, based off of "Star Wars," "Star Trek", and other science fiction films/shows/stories mixed with the Muppets! The Swinetrek crew consists of the original three, Captain Link Hogthrob, Doctor Julius Strangepork, and First Mate Piggy. We also...
  16. Barry Lee

    "The Muppets" first preview screening

    Awesome! Any jokes that would make it feel dated or does it feel rather timeless? How were the Moopets? What surprised you in the movie?
  17. Barry Lee

    "The Muppets" first preview screening

    What Muppets are in the getting back together sequences? Did you find the humor funny?
  18. Barry Lee

    A Prologue to The Muppets 2011

    This is fantastic, and touching.
  19. Barry Lee

    Retired Muppets will move to Atlanta

    I believe they still have some Fraggles, Big Bird, and some Labyrinth stuff in the lobby and then the little room dedicated to Jim. The center has a lot of room, just you can't really see it when you enter the building. :oops:
  20. Barry Lee

    A lucky day to buy Muppet DVD's.'s_Place