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    Celebrating 40 Years of Fraggle Rock

    Back in the day, we probably never imagined reaching this milestone, but it's now 40 years since the show debuted on January 10, 1983. And yours truly was a hardcore viewer for most of the original run, eagerly awaiting each Monday night at 7:30 for the zoom in through Doc's window and hard...
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    Most Heartwarming Fraggle Moments

    The deeply saddened Red and Gobo approach Junior's shoebox, preparing to take what they believe to be the deceased Mokey back to the Rock. The actual Mokey comes up behind them and lets them know it's in fact only a dummy. They initially acknowledge it numbly, double take upon realizing what...
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    Funniest Muppet moments?

    -Super Grover attempting to turn on the computer by first running around in circles and screaming at the top of his lungs, then hopping up and down and yelling "Wubba wubba" -Fozzie and the fat sailor -"How would the bookkeepers like to be suddenly UNEMPLOYED!!!??" "HEAT WAVE...!!!"...
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    Emmet Otter and Bells of Fraggle Rock coming to the big screen this Christmas

    Mark your calendars for December 10th and 16th, as our favorite otter will get a limited national big screen release on those days, paired with The Bells of Fraggle Rock and an all new jug band featurette. See the following link for further information...
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    What if Jim became Walt Disney Company chairman in the mid-80s?

    Suppose the scenario mentioned in Brian Jones's book did come to pass, that the Walt Disney Company did hire Jim as its leader during its nadir. How do you suppose this would have affected the trajectories--both in the actual timeline as the following 6 years would pan out, and/or in an...
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    Your earliest memories of Fraggle Rock

    When do you first remember seeing it? I think I first caught a glimpse in either late 1983 or early 1984, around my second birthday. Either way, I was immediately and completely hooked; the characters and the world they inhabited drew me in and kept me rapt, so much so I wanted to keep coming...
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    background lyrics for Hello Sunshine (Bunny Picnic)

    Who can make out what the background singers are crooning underneath the main lyrics of "Hello sunshine, hello birds on the wing...?" No matter how hard I listen in, I can't clearly make them out.
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    Fraggle Rock to return to HBO, remastered in HD on December 14, 2016

    Good to have it back home. Now the question is, will they also bring back the HBO in Space Family Showcase variant intro to run before it? After all, since next year's the network's 45th anniversary anyway, now may be the time to start bringing back the past to prepare for the 50th.
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    Funniest Fraggle Rock Moment!!

    The aforementioned Convincing John as Poobah scene, plus Boober getting "bamboozled" by Red's dummy in Playing Till It Hurts ("Red, this is terrible; Red has slipped into a coma...!")
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    Scary Fraggle Moments

    Come to think of it, Ma going wide eyed and screaming in terror at the sight of Gobo in the opening credits was always bit unnerving as a child.
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    Retired characters

    Has Placido Flamingo been seen lately? He was a guilty pleasure back in the day.
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    TV Alert: Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas on ABC Family December 12 and 13

    All in all this was definitely a step in the right direction for the special. I came in acknowledging that things would be cut for air, as is regrettably a truism for any classic holiday special in today's TV market (unless we can coerce Congress into passing some kind of bill protecting them)...
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    Joseph Gordon-Levitt Signed On to Star in Fraggle Rock Movie

    I think the best way for them to go might be as with Wrath of Khan and do an extension to an existing episode of the original series. For example: recall if you will that, after revealing to the Gorgs they'd been hoodwinking them about Sir Hubris returning, Wembley asides to Gobo what would...
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    Favorite Quote By Film

    Among some of them: TMM: "There was this sailor who was SO fat..." "HOW FAT WAS HE!!!??" (gulp) "He was so fat that everyone loved him, and there was nothing funny about him at all." GMC: "If this is the Happiness Hotel, I'd hate to see what the Sad one looks like." MTM: "Ocean...
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    What Sesame Street moments made you laugh?

    Among some of mine: -Super Grover attempting to solve the instance of the not turned on computer by first running around in circles and screaming at the top of his lungs, then hopping up and down and yelling "Wubba wubba." -Bert's colossal freak-out after Ernie contemplates perhaps...
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    Trash Heap origins?

    On the other hand, she states in the same episode that McMooch was an old enemy, which would appear to contradict this. So perhaps the truth is partially this and partially something else.
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    Definitive Map of the Rock?

    Has anyone here ever tried to try and put together a more or less definitive map of the Rock (taking of course into consideration that, being magical, it would change as desired), including Doc's and the world beyond the Trash Heap's clearing? Or seen someone else try and do the same?
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    number sequences with colored dots

    This was one series I remember well, but it appears there's currently no video of it available. You probably remember it: each began with a black screen with a line at the bottom, along which a certain number of brightly colored dots move along from right to left. They stop in the middle, the...
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    Funniest Fraggle Rock Lines.

    "Red, this is terrible; Red has slipped into a coma....(double take) AAAAAACCKKK!!! I have been bamboozled!!"
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    Sesame Street Dreams...

    Another I had was one where I was riding with Oscar and Telly in the middle of a monster truck rally aboard the former's The Trash Compactor, which of course broke down frequently and ran on trash thrown into a furnace in the cab for some reason. Then it abruptly switched to with the two of...