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  1. AriXX97

    Classic Sesame Street Outlines - Early 1980s Format

    Thanks. No, it was just a little something out the blue that inspired me, especially the main plot (which was street scenes 3-5). This may be something I may take into consideration and occasionally do whenever I have the time as well as any ideas, you know what I mean. Thanks for reminding...
  2. AriXX97

    Classic Sesame Street Outlines - Early 1980s Format

    Very good, I've got a very late-70s to early-80s format Sesame Street fanfic, too. Mine, here, is loosely inspired by the Mr. Men and Little Miss (for anybody whose ever heard of the series) episode "Mr. Impossible's Lesson." Episode #0020 Plot: The Amazing Mumford's Big Lesson Sponsors: D, K...
  3. AriXX97

    New Members: Please Post and Introduce Yourself

    What's up? Call me Ari. I am a late-70 to early-80s era Sesame Street nerd. I, for some reason have a weird crush on the Count as well as his next door neighbor, the Amazing Mumford. Keep in mind that I am the kind of person who often abides by the rules. Of course, I am highly intolerant...