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  1. Yorick

    And America Continues to Show it's True Colors. . .

    I never knew you were so heartless.
  2. Yorick

    Steve Whitmire has left the Muppets, Matt Vogel to continue as Kermit

    I'm sorry that Steve has been fired from the Muppets, and though I have nothing against Matt (because I don't know Matt, just like I don't know Steve...I know them both only through their work) I am in no rush to hear anyone perform Kermit other than a recording of Jim or Steve. Again, nothing...
  3. Yorick

    Happy Birthday Caroll Spinney!!!

    We love you Mr. Spinney! :wisdom: Thank you for everything! I agree with Schfifty 100%!
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    The Letter People

  5. Yorick

    Big Bird in Heathcliff comic

    May 14th, 2016
  6. Yorick

    The Muppets Episode 9 - Going, Going, Gonzo

    This show has gotten a lot better since the 1st episode...I like it a lot! I especially loved this episode - it featured Gonzo prominently, and when Kermit was glad to have Gonzo back to his old self, that was fantastic. And to see Kermit really show his appreciation for Gonzo was great, too...
  7. Yorick

    The Muppets Episode 15 - Generally Inhospitable

    Well said, and since Jerry originally performed UD, it was a nice touch. This show has gotten a lot better since the 1st episode...I like it a lot! I especially loved the episode that featured Gonzo prominently, when Kermit was glad to have Gonzo back to his old self. That was fantastic. And to...
  8. Yorick

    Grover on Stephen Colbert

    This is the best moment of Colbert's LATE SHOW since Colbert's coffee skit early in his LATE SHOW days. The other greatest moment? When he praised Letterman in his 1st episode. Colbert is much better than Fallon, though. To me, anyway. Though I like Colbert, and have nothing against his style...
  9. Yorick

    Oscar in Mother Goose and Grimm comic

  10. Yorick

    Ghostbusters 3 finally on the way? You decide!

    You'd be better off giving 10 bucks to some organization that helps women somehow, rather than giving it to a movie. Unless you actually want to see the film, which is a perfectly fine reason to spend your money on it, of course! I am uninterested in it, but this is not because it stars women...
  11. Yorick

    What's the weirdest movie you've ever seen?

    Thanks for the reply! And I agree with you about Mr. Palmer. Bruce plays on this film: It's simply called "Neil Young in Berlin" and it's an interesting band...the rhythm section has the aforementioned Bruce from Buffalo Springfield on bass, and Ralph from Crazy Horse on drums. It's a cool...
  12. Yorick

    What's the weirdest movie you've ever seen?

    If the question is not the worst film I've seen, but it is indeed the weirdest one, then I may have to choose "Human Highway". This is not to say it's a good film, but I have seen worse, and it is one of the strangest! It will be in theaters on the 29th of this month through fathom events. Info...
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    Harry Nilsson's "The Point" is 45 years old today.

    I found a nice/great review of this film:
  14. Yorick

    Harry Nilsson's "The Point" is 45 years old today.

    The film version, that is: The internet says that the album was released in January 1971, but the film was released on February 2nd 1971. I highly recommend this film.
  15. Yorick

    When you need to RAVE!

    I just mentioned purchasing "Follow That Bird" on DVD...I could rave on about that, for sure! I could also rave about "I Am Big Bird" as well as Caroll's book: Enjoy!
  16. Yorick

    What was the last DVD you bought and why?

    "Follow That Bird" and this version came with a new (at the time of it's release) interview with Mr. Spinney! It was wonderful to see this absolutely fantastic film again; it is so perfect, that it makes so many other films look bad in comparison.
  17. Yorick

    Should we get more hand drawn movies in our time?.

    Count me in as someone who thinks the lack of non-CG animation is a drag. As for the fantastic Mr. Bluth, I hope he can make that film! If it's a financial success, I'll be very happy for him, but the main thing, always, is an artistic success. So, as long as it's made the way he wants, that...
  18. Yorick

    Emmett Otter and Bells of Fraggle Rock on ABC Family this year

    It is wonderful that Kermit returned to Emmett Otter's town on TV this year! And it's also fantastic that Emmett was on TV general! And if I remember rightly, I read that Emmett and Gobo were Jerry Nelson's favorite characters that he performed. If this is so, then it's even more...
  19. Yorick

    Christmas: Are they shoving it down our throats too early?

    Sure, they shoved Christmas down our throats early this year...but now is the time when I'm ready for this Christmas time, and I know in the blink of an eye it will be over (along with the year 2015) and I'll be sorry to see it go.
  20. Yorick

    Uncle Grandpa

    Love the new Christmas episode. I won't spoil anything, but just watch it if you like this show at all. It's one of the best far.