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  1. TheCreatureWork

    How to be a Puppet Wrangler

    Hey folks, I haven't been on hear in a long time but wanted to let you all know that I started up my YouTube channel. I posted about 12 years ago a series on puppet building using Project Puppets Roly Pattern. I stopped posting to start a family but still continued to build. Now that my kids are...
  2. TheCreatureWork

    Puppet Budgeting 101

    I looked and you highlight the area you need changed to pounds and in the HOME tab (in Excel) you'll see in the sub-menu the NUMBER menu- there is a dollar sign but beside it is a pull down menu arrow to change it to whatever currency tickles your fancy. Here's a video that explains it:
  3. TheCreatureWork

    Puppet Budgeting 101

    Glad you liked it. Happy building.
  4. TheCreatureWork

    Puppet Budgeting 101

    Hey guys, I created a free spreadsheet you can use to price out your puppets. The blog post also has a 1/2 hour video on how to use the spreadsheet. Enjoy!
  5. TheCreatureWork

    Changes at Puppeteers Unite! Blog

    Check out the new change over at the Puppeteers Unite! Blog!!
  6. TheCreatureWork

    Stan Winston School- Hand Puppet Performance Course

    Hey Everyone, The Stan Winston School of Character Arts has released a course on Hand Puppet Performance. The teacher is Bill Diamond. Just letting everyone know. For more information CLICK HERE
  7. TheCreatureWork

    My Muppet Show App Discussion/Updates

    Disney just announced they are closing the app Jan 09, 2015.
  8. TheCreatureWork

    BJ Guyer Puppet-making workshop

    Jinx, Did you sign up for the Professional or the watch and chat? I'll be at the professional level. Chat with you tomorrow.
  9. TheCreatureWork

    Muppet Convention Thread #2: Where Should it be Held?

    What ever happened to this idea?
  10. TheCreatureWork

    My latest Puppet

    Here is a couple of pictures of a puppet I made for the Stan Winston School of Character Arts-B.J. Guyer class.
  11. TheCreatureWork

    Sewing Kermits Mouth Help

    I'm a risk taker LOL The key is to take your time and not rush. I also use a top notch glue gun with different fitting tips- I actually (for some unknown reason) feel I have more control with the glue than the sewing method. LOL
  12. TheCreatureWork

    Sewing Kermits Mouth Help

    I hot glue the mouth on. Simply place the mouth were you want it to go- Pin it, trace the line in chalk onto the mouth plate, just in case a pin gives way and to see if the mouth is even before gluing. Then start gluing. Start with the top, bottom and the corners of the mouth. Glue back from the...
  13. TheCreatureWork

    3 day Online Puppet Building Course

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to put the word out that the Stan Winston School of Character Arts is running a 3 day Puppet Building Course. B.J. Guyer is running the course and it looks to be an amazing experience. Here is the link to sign up and watch a small promotional video about the course. Hope to...
  14. TheCreatureWork

    Puppeteers Unite!

    Hey Everyone, Just letting everyone know that the blog is back. Please feel free to visit
  15. TheCreatureWork

    Got a response from the Sesame Puppeteer Workshop...

    Does anyone know anyone from Canada who got into the workshop?
  16. TheCreatureWork

    Floyd Pepper Eye Mechanism

    Floyd's eyes are different than that of Animals. Floyd has a simple "pulley" the actual sponge eye tube acts as a return. Pretty easy system. Simply take a coat hanger- shape it into a football (Goal post) Y. In Floyd's head at the bottom of the Y out a leather trigger. The simply place it in...
  17. TheCreatureWork

    Puppet Building Patterns!

    Hey Andrew, For the wedge pattern you should include the link:
  18. TheCreatureWork

    Puppeteer Andrew Agree died

    Hey Everyone, I hate to be the one to inform everyone this but I just found out that Andrew Agree died July 4th. Andrew (aka.puppetmancan here on the forum) was always exploring new facets of the art of puppetry and offering his advice. RIP.
  19. TheCreatureWork

    Help wanted with project

    Here is the homepage with all different lessons:
  20. TheCreatureWork

    Help wanted with project

    I don't have time to help you sorry....however, the Stan Winston School has a tutorial (you have to pay) in Giant T-Rex Foam construction. If you sign up for their newsletter you'll find every so often they sell streaming video for 50% off- $10 a lesson- so far there are 2 lessons...