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  1. Rose

    Help with digital stamps

    I use GIMP as said above. :)
  2. Rose

    Help with digital stamps

    when i went to look up toutruals on how to do this they always used Photoshop. And they did not know how to use gimp. Then someone told me that all i had to do was go to the create stamp icon but I did not see a stamp option just create but nothing else.
  3. Rose

    Help with digital stamps

    Anyone know how I can make a good digital stamp with out using Photoshop?
  4. Rose

    Jim's Favourite Food

    Wow the things people get into/ I skimmed through this wild looking topic. Who would think a thing like what's Jim's fave food would get so complcated. lol I can't answear for I don'tknow myself. I seldomly seem him eat anything. I'm sure he did maybe just didn't liek the idea of being taped...
  5. Rose

    RIP Amy Winehouse

    I liked her music and I found her to be a very talented lady that she was. It's really a shame that something as deadly and addicting as drugs had to take away this very talented person who truly had a gift and it showed. I do think it was drugs that caused her death judgeing by her history...
  6. Rose

    What is the one thing that was talked about in the series...

    Welp.... I really don't think that would be possible to know exactly how many Fraggle Groups there are. I'm sure there's many. Maybe not only the ones ' we have seen ' but others we have not seen as well. So I don't think there's a real answer to that question. It's just one of the mysteries...
  7. Rose

    Who went into Outer Space?

    Sorry but huh???
  8. Rose

    Nighttime Price is Right clip

    What about this? I can see it's an retro clip of TPSR looks like it was made in 1976(MCMLXVI) the year was hard to read so I'm not sure. I used to tape the ones from the 70's. I always liked the old PIR shows they seem to be a lot better than the ones they have now.
  9. Rose

    The 'What Song Are You Currently Listening To?' Thread

    High Te cHeart Touch by Peter Shelley. High Tech Hearttouch
  10. Rose

    Favorite non-Henson puppet shows growing up

    The shows I remember as a kid was.... HR Pufnstuf ( I still love tht show I adored Jack Wild. ) ;) The Banana Splits ( Season 1 the rare season 2 is so lame it's not worth watching. The first season was the best. ) Season 1 intro 1969...
  11. Rose

    Fraggle Parents?

    Well if you want my opinion. I still think the Fraggles were born like humans or other mamles. I never really thought of it anyother way. The subject of birth has always been taboo beecauseof the nature of it. If you think of it would you really want to see a real Fraggle birth? I would think...
  12. Rose

    Episode themes you would have liked to have seen

    To clear things up YES you can die from an allergery if they are severar enough. Not all are just sneezing and watery eyes allthough that is the most common symtums. I heard of a girl once that died beecause her mother cooked chick peas her nose and throught close up and by the time the...
  13. Rose

    Who went into Outer Space?

    Auctally some of the members are correct... I'm not going to list every one but here's an example.... Phylo and Gunge DID go into outer space but they sure didn't stick around very long. They got totally freaked out and ran back the other way. No one was home so no one saw them. The room was...
  14. Rose

    Muppet cookbooks

    You would think they would have at least one. Hard to believe they don't. I guess I'll just make up my own. I know for a fact there's a few Fraggle drinks lurking out there just wanted to know if there was more ides. What I was planning on doing was putting together a homemade cook book full...
  15. Rose

    Muppet cookbooks

    Is there any good sites on how to make Muppet related eats?
  16. Rose

    The 'What Song Are You Currently Listening To?' Thread

    Big Daddy Of Them All - - - John Couger Meloncamp. I like that album.
  17. Rose

    How's the weather where you are?

    It's a bit cooler today. LOts of raine and I good thunderstorm yesterday. Not raning right now, but it's off and on, bu not bad.
  18. Rose

    Cantus' eyes

    This is my 2c. Personally I think Cantus has alwys been a deep thinker and peobably ahead of his time. A lot like the way Jim Henson was. I never thought he had bad or imparied vision allthough that could be possible but I really don't think so. I think Cantus is older than he seems probably...
  19. Rose

    Help with Making Home Movies

    I have another question about movie making. I'm useing windows movie maker to create my videos. I don't quite get what I'm doing or not doing to get it to work. when I finish a video it plays fine in the movie maker but when I go to publish it or send it anyplace the video parts are either...
  20. Rose

    Lots of MUP3's, Wanna Trade?

    Can someone send me the FULL 3 minute fraggle rock them from the First Record Rrecorded in 1983? I had this record and That's about the only place I heard the uncut version.