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Search results

  1. JLG

    Kermit and Grover ladder sketch --- alternate take?!?

    Hey! So as some of us already know, for some odd reason there were two different takes of the "Golden An" sketch that were both in active circulation. One seems to have aired far more often than the other, but still. Odd as that is, I just stumbled on another one. I was watching #1460 and it...
  2. JLG

    Behind the Scenes: How a Season of Sesame Street Gets Made

    Mmm. Is it just me, or does this video come across as kind of joyless? It actually took me somewhat aback, in light of how upbeat these kinds of press vids used to be.
  3. JLG

    Huh. Has anybody heard of this book?...

  4. JLG

    WatchMojo's incompetent Sesame Street history video

    I'm just gonna copy/paste the comment I left on this incompetent "History of Sesame Street" video. This is a disgrace. WatchMojo has outdone itself this time. About half the information in this short little history is either partially wrong or completely wrong. I have never watched ONE...
  5. JLG

    What a great segment...!

    I just stumbled across this on YouTube. When was this from? It looks very recent. I adore it. It evokes the spirit of just the kind of thing they always used to do.
  6. JLG

    All the characters in the Baker Films

    Hi. As I'm sure most of us have noticed, Jim Henson's "Baker" counting series from the first year has a lot of recurring characters who pop up from film to film. Purely for my own amusement, I attempted to actually track each of these characters and see which of them appeared most often. It...
  7. JLG

    1996 "Lead Out" video with Oscar, Elmo & Rosita

    I just stumbled on this when I was looking for Irvine clips on YouTube. I had never heard of it before. Until the ending, you could almost mistake it for repurposed footage from the actual show, instead of a specially produced video. Ironic that Oscar would be so concerned about lead...
  8. JLG

    What was the purpose of the episode numbers?

    That is to say, what was the original purpose of prominently displaying them on screen the way they always have? I've been curious about that. As far as I know, the only television shows that do this are the older CTW shows up through Square One TV, and also one outlier--- Mister Rogers'...
  9. JLG

    Children's nonfiction book talks a lot about Hal Miller (Gordon #2)

    I just googled Miller's name to see if there was any new info on the guy, as he seems to be something of an enigma---there's not much online apart from his own resume website and few YouTube vids of him showing his paintings. I came across this juvenile educational book about Jim Henson (one in...
  10. JLG

    I can't believe they remade this.

    They really did it. They really remade "A Loaf of Bread, A Container of Milk, and a Stick of Butter." In all seriousness, I always try to avoid being a cranky adult who's always ranting about "Things were better when I was a kid and blah blah blah..." because ragging on that stuff, at...
  11. JLG

    Question about Episode 1056 on YouTube

    Or more specifically, the transfer of it that appears on the Old School DVD. (I don't have the disk, but I'm watching it on YouTube.) It's full of all these weird cropping problems. Throughout the whole episode, the picture keeps wobbling and shifting all over the place. It's most noticeable...
  12. JLG

    Hidden Sesame reference in a comic

    Okay, you got me----it's my comic. :D:o Self-pluggery may not be the most attractive of human traits, but I couldn't resist mentioning the reference here. It is just a wee bit relevant, after all. :) Whatcha think? http://www.drunkduck.com/Anecdote/index.php?p=662010
  13. JLG

    Just how many segments ARE there?

    I've been wondering this a while--throughout the not-quite 40 years they've been on the air, just how many individual segments have built up in that backlog of theirs? I'm talking about everything---live action films, animated, Muppet skits, miscellany--the whole nine yards. I'm not sure...
  14. JLG

    Confused about the unaired divorce episode.

    There's something I read in that article that's confusing to me. Here's the wikipedia link (which is based on the Muppet Wiki version) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snuffy%27s_Parents_Get_a_Divorce Here's what I wrote on the discussion page: I'm confused by the assertion that this episode...
  15. JLG

    In what universe are today's kids' shows too "sugarcoated"?

    Yo, not to be contrary, but there's a common perception around here that's got me baffled. Here, and on tons of Gen X and Gen Y nostalgia websites, and on YouTube, and all over the place, 20somethings and 30somethings are always griping about how children's shows "these days" are so "antiseptic"...
  16. JLG

    I caught the show today...

    When I see it now I'm always struck by how alien it feels. I don't catch it often these days---once a month or so--- so when I just saw it again, the new changes jump out even more than they would. I know this subject comes up a lot around here, but today it seemed to me to become more...
  17. JLG

    Sesame Old School DVD has edits

    Or rather, alterations, according to the review on this site. That makes me sad. No one seems to care about messing with history. The film about "You can wash anything" with the girl narrating has been removed from show #1, along with the Anything Muppets singing "Consider Yourself"...
  18. JLG

    10th anniverary special is on YouTube

    I have no idea how this person could possibly have gotten it, but someone uploaded the 1979 retrospective, hosted by James Earl Jones, onto YouTube---split up into three 9-minute parts. Just search Videos for sesame + street + 1979 and I'm sure you'll get it right away. A Walk Down Sesame...
  19. JLG

    Female Anything Muppets

    Does anyone know who was doing the voices of most of the girl/woman AM's during SS's first year? Fran Brill hadn't been hired yet, so it had to be Henson, Oz, and Nelson doing them. We know how well Frank does certain female voices :mad: , but others really do sound like women to me---like the...
  20. JLG

    If SSU was a regular broadcast

    Here's how I would do it; Start on a Monday with #1, and continue until #5 on that Friday. Then the following Monday, show the first week of the second season, #131-#135. Keep going with every year's first week until whenever you decide the cutoff year is. (I think by now it could go a little...