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Search results

  1. rowlf84

    Your Thoughts: Sesame Street Season 37

    Zoe was rebuilt for this season. Her eyes are smaller, her hair has "sparkles" in it, and her tutu is a slightly different color. I really like the street scene, although I know there are better ones coming up. Abby will be featured prominently in one more episode, then have a supporting role...
  2. rowlf84

    Sesame Workshop unveils plans for Season 37

    It's A-B-B-Y. And yes, of course there are more EW segments.
  3. rowlf84

    Those Baby Sesame Street videos.

    That's correct, it is his aunt. For whatever reason, Henson decided to use a puppet that looks just like Ms. Finch (no, it's not the same puppet). The Beginnings videos do not follow Sesame with time considerations (ie: Elmo being way too young). Again, they're geared towards two year olds...
  4. rowlf84

    Your Thoughts: Spinney's Lifetime Achievement Award

    But...he IS Big Bird. It was wonderful to see the respect that Caroll received from the audience. It was also wonderful to hear the audience cheer for SS when their nomination was announced. Still everyone's favorite.
  5. rowlf84

    Intern at Sesame Street

    Well, like I said, to be an intern you have to be a student. They also hire people on a temporary basis, although that's usually dependent on what projects they have going on at the time. As for researching the history of the show, frankly I never heard of anyone serving that purpose at the...
  6. rowlf84

    Intern at Sesame Street

    Typically about a semester, although it's flexible.
  7. rowlf84

    Daytime Creative Arts Emmys Announced

    I'm not positive when they won their 101st award (the most for any television series ever) but it's probably around 109.
  8. rowlf84

    Intern at Sesame Street

    Yes, Frank Oz was there for a couple days of production. Very neat to see him in "real life." Thanks for the kudos guys. It was a very neat experience.
  9. rowlf84

    Intern at Sesame Street

    I know many of you around here have dreams of working on Sesame Street or in television in general. Have you ever thought about interning at Sesame Workshop? This is a fantastic way to learn about children's television while getting a foot (slightly) in the door at a fantastic organization...
  10. rowlf84


    I've heard that John Tartaglia has a band, although I don't know if they ever released anything.
  11. rowlf84

    Daytime Creative Arts Emmys Announced

    These were announced a few days ago on the 22nd, but seeing as no one has posted about them yet... Sesame Street won in several categories: Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction/Set Decoration/Scenic Design, Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design/Styling, Outstanding Achievement in...
  12. rowlf84

    Questions about Sesame Street *now*

    From what I understand, Jim Henson brought Carment from Plaza. She worked on SS for several years before a character was conceived for her.
  13. rowlf84

    Oh wow, Sesame Street is bad for 2-year-olds!

    That's true, Tim. I have seen these videos and I can say that the entire thing is meant for parents to learn, not kids (as opposed to baby einstein). The muppet segments are there for visual interest for the kids as well as illustrating a point to parents (Cookie Monster has a lot of energy...
  14. rowlf84

    Sesame Street on Jeopardy

    ah, yes they filmed those when Mr. Trebek was on set in November.
  15. rowlf84

    Ms. Noodle

    She appeared in the Elmo's World Holiday video.
  16. rowlf84

    Miss Piggy on Sesame Street?

    Well, there are the Oinker Sisters as well, most prominently featured in "New Way to Walk."
  17. rowlf84

    Carroll Spinney the most dedicated Muppeteer

    Just FYI: Jerry still exclusively performs the Count. I would agree with all of you: Caroll is a muppeteer (and Big Bird) heart and soul and enjoys what he does extremely. But I wouldn't count Frank Oz out yet. He may seem short and uncaring, but from what I've seen of him he is very vested...
  18. rowlf84

    Follow That Bird Discussion Thread

    I heard about the blue bird of happiness from a friend at Henson. As for the others, I'm not sure. I'm sure that, unless they would be more valuable as scrap pieces, big puppets like that would be kept in storage.
  19. rowlf84

    Your Thoughts: Kevin Clash on Oprah

    That's true. I'm glad he just played it off with an "I do okay" comment. Not ideal, but like you said, okay for the time he was given.
  20. rowlf84

    Your Thoughts: Kevin Clash on Oprah

    Good for you for sending in a letter. Please let us know what kind of response you get.