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  1. lifelongfan

    My Fraggle Replicas and Display

    Yes I wanted it to look as much like a print as possible so I made stencils out of posterboard I still had to do alot of handpainting but I think the stencils helped alot.
  2. lifelongfan

    My Fraggles... Let Me Show You Them.

    Thanks for sharing! He looks great. I had never even thought about the pudge but it makes sense.
  3. lifelongfan

    Expressing Your Muppet Fandom

    I have an animal antenna topper and kermit decal on my Jeep.
  4. lifelongfan

    Muppet/puppet sizes

    I made a similar thread when I first posted here and people told me to base it off of pictures with Kermit. In other words I don't think that info really exists other than the photo replicas sizes.
  5. lifelongfan

    My Fraggle Replicas and Display

    my local craft stores always have 40% to 50% off coupons and they are on my way to almost everywhere all my Fraggle materials were bought with coupons. It's the American Way :attitude:
  6. lifelongfan

    My Fraggle Replicas and Display

    Pretty much display because you guessed it the ostrich feathers are fragile especially because I used individual feathers and cut them up because I could buy them with coupons(I'm really cheap) I think the prestrung fringe would be alot studier.
  7. lifelongfan

    My Fraggle Replicas and Display

    I would be happy to share it but it's so huge I hade to cut some of it then glue it to 2 pieces of poster board. Maybe a picture with the dimensions. I also would be happy to share the different heads I made for :coy::sigh::dreamy:
  8. lifelongfan

    A letter of encouragement from Carroll Spinney

    OMG! Frame it and hang it on your wall immediately!
  9. lifelongfan

    My Fraggle Replicas and Display

    Thanks I would love to live with a house full of Muppets. I actually meant to post this in the replica forum since thats more what they are:o
  10. lifelongfan

    Boober Fraggle Replica

    I used a large circle then made alot of folds and sewed it to the middle on the outside then gathered it and turned the gather to the inside and attached the bill and a button covered in the same felt. :confused:That probably made no sense.
  11. lifelongfan

    My Fraggle Replicas and Display

    Thanks! Yes I made sprocket and he is HUGE much bigger than my actual dog:sympathy: I adapted the butterick patterns that a friend of mine had.
  12. lifelongfan

    My Fraggle Replicas and Display

    I made them. They could have been puppets but I stuffed them:p Sorry about the photo quality I'm a newbie I just figured out how to post photos this morning.
  13. lifelongfan

    My Fraggle Replicas and Display

    Thanks! It's made from particle board and papermache.
  14. lifelongfan

    My Fraggles... Let Me Show You Them.

    You need to paint the fur before you sew it. Use a big trash bag and keep it away from everything. Once it drys it is permant. Just remember to paint it from the back and use alot of water. You can do the front but then it's way to stiff to sew especially if you use a machine.
  15. lifelongfan

    My Fraggles... Let Me Show You Them.

    You can get long fur the exact color you want by using long pile white fur and watering down the right shade of acrylic paint then painting the back of the fur and squeezing it through you have to brush alot and the fur is a little stiff but if you really want a certain color like a shade darker...
  16. lifelongfan

    My Fraggles... Let Me Show You Them.

    What I can see looks great. Could you post more pictures of the entire puppets?
  17. lifelongfan

    Video: "The Muppets All-Star Comedy Gala" from Just for Laughs Comedy Festival

    Here's the confusion if you just play it, it's 14 minutes you have to download it to see the whole hour. Thanks for posting the link.
  18. lifelongfan

    Beaker replica

    Amazing I would have never thought to use oatmeal containers!
  19. lifelongfan

    Muppet sizes

    Thanks for replying. When I say replicas I'm being a little grandiose. It's really more like accurate stuffed animals. I have the Bucilla Fraggle pattern right now and am adjusting it to make all five. I'll post pictures when I'm done unless I chicken out:o