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  1. A

    The Muppets Mayhem Episode 8 - Track 8: Virtual Insanity

    You misunderstood. Phillip said "the band's foray", not June Foray.
  2. A

    The Problems with Modern Sesame Street

    Everyone should read this article that just came out: https://toughpigs.com/sesame-isnt-funny/
  3. A

    Muppets on Nick News, July 26, 2023

    Next week's edition of Nick News has a section on the Kenneth E. Behring Center, which has Muppets in its collection.
  4. A

    The new What Made You Smile Today thread

    I was on the latest episode of The Barretta Brothers and won a Floyd head!
  5. A

    The Barretta Brothers celebrate Dave Goelz

    If you've got time to spare, please check out this wonderful video celebrating 50 years of Dave Goelz being a part of the Muppets:
  6. A

    Elmo, Zoe, and Rocco on Besties on Besties

    This video makes me really happy. We get tributes to Bob and Emilo, and Jen Barnhart and Ryan Dillon finally do the Elmo hates Rocco dynamic!
  7. A

    Sesame Street Season 53 Episode 5332 - Gabrielle's Amazing Maze

    Well, we got a return of the "I wonder, what if, let's try" slogan. In Kathy Kim's interview on Jake's Happy Nostalgia Show, she revealed that even the puppeteers are sick of it. But it's effective with kids, so what can you do?
  8. A

    Sesame Street Season 53 Episode 5331 - Love Makes a Family

    It was nice to see Louie involved in Mysterious Mysteries. His version of the Sesame theme on sax was nice.
  9. A

    Sesame Street Season 53 Episode 5330 - Community Garden Cleanup

    My favorite part was Tamir waking up Elmo, and Elmo going from being groggy to being all ready to garden.
  10. A

    The Muppets Mayhem Episode 1 - Track 1: Can You Picture That?

    Was the woman carving an ice sculpture of Janice Leslie? It looked like her.
  11. A

    Sesame Street Season 52 Episode 5235 - Family Recipe

    Cookie and his mom were filmed separately and then mated together.
  12. A

    Sesame Street Season 53 Episode 5329 - Wash Day

    I think Tamir's mom Kayla has a great singing voice.
  13. A

    The Muppets Mayhem Episode 5 - Track 5: Break On Through

    All the hallucinations were funny. My favorites were Floyd's Lion King parody and Dr. Teeth's Robot Chicken style one.
  14. A

    The Muppets Mayhem Episode 4 - Track 4: The Times They Are A-Changin’

    Janice telling Karamo to stay in his lane while still sounding happy made me laugh. One of Lips' mumbles being Coco Puff was funny. Zoot saying a line from the Muppet Movie, "This is a narrative of very heavy-duty proportions", was a nice touch. The whole plot with Janice trying to reconnect...
  15. A

    The Muppets Mayhem Episode 3 - Track 3: Exile on Main Street

    Sofia Carson saying that Lips used to babysit her was funny. Animal's attempts at jobs and being a good hibachi chef were funny. Learning how Floyd met Animal was nice.
  16. A

    The Muppets Mayhem Episode 2 - Track 2: True Colors

    Zoot thinking used-car salesmen and politicians are truthful and Janice saying spiders are nature's knitters was funny. Lips continues to make me laugh. Penny showing that she has a soft side was nice.
  17. A

    Sesame Street Season 53 Episode 5328 - The Letter C Vacation

    The street story was pretty fun. I loved Nina actually showing some emotions, and Elmo's asides "Too soon?" And "Don't push it." The Haim song had a good variety of characters. Cookie hiding the pasta so Gonger wouldn't notice the tomatoes were missing was funny. I was surprised to see a repeat...
  18. A

    The Muppets Mayhem Episode 1 - Track 1: Can You Picture That?

    I like Leslie's new character. Seeing Bill and Alice make cameos was nice. The cover of Rock and Roll All Night was awesome.