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  1. newsmanfan

    Kermie's Girl (ushy-gushy fanfic)

    Had to go back and refresh my memory with a bit of a re-read. Loved the tension in this last chapter, and I suspect that Fish Will Hit the Fan soon--and while Kermit is around, because frog forbid the poor guy actually get a few days off!
  2. newsmanfan

    The 'What Song Are You Currently Listening To?' Thread

    Seeded my work chillout/introspective/electonica Pandora station with Gary Numan, and today I've heard some music new to me. Numan's stuff from the 80s still sounds fresh and sharp. (Station also has Laurie Anderson, Bjork, Joywave, Massive Attack, Portishead, Orgy, Big Data, for comparison.)
  3. newsmanfan

    So We'll Go No More A-Roving, for Fear of Furry Monsters

    Thank you so much! It's a bit overstuffed, honestly, but was tremendous fun to write. My first time combining multiple storylines and subplots, so, overall, maybe not bad for a newbie. I hope. Thanks for reading the whole thing, and for leaving a review!
  4. newsmanfan

    The new What Made You Smile Today thread

    The water reservoir/tank at the community garden where the Big Frog and I have 3 plots will finally be filled to start off the season. Quite a relief as we already have plants in the ground, and I had to haul water out there in jugs the other day. Small good things matter.
  5. newsmanfan

    The new What Made You Smile Today thread

    Happy belated!
  6. newsmanfan

    Learn Something New Everyday Thread

    Is that a Zappa reference??:)
  7. newsmanfan

    Learn Something New Everyday Thread

    That's even more frightening.
  8. newsmanfan

    Respectful Politics Thread (Let's Just See)

    This is why we NEED sex ed in schools. Mandatory. And better access to gynecological care and birth control for everyone. There is still a shocking amount of ignorance about how pregnancy and STDs occur; check any social media site at all and you'll find a significant percentage of Americans...
  9. newsmanfan

    Avenge the Fallen!

    Wow guys...I...I don't feel that. Infinity War and Endgame are such different films, with different tones, that I felt I was watching something by a different director than the Russo Brothers. Yes, Endgame is good, yes it hits a lot of the right comicbookfan spots, yes, it gave some screentime...
  10. newsmanfan

    Weekly Box Office and Film Discussion Thread

    Uh, WHAT? Uh, NO. Sounds like trolling to me. Saw it, liked it, enjoyed the way it turned a lot of male-action-hero-movie tropes on their heads.
  11. newsmanfan

    Weekly Box Office and Film Discussion Thread

    I was startled, when watching a preview of it, to realize that was Ryan Reynolds. I'm absolutely not a Pokemon fan, but it might be cute regardless.
  12. newsmanfan

    When you need to rant...

    Wow. What hospital is this? What state? I spent most of last July in the hospital (St Elizabeth's in Appleton for a couple days, then airlifted to UW Madison for the rest) and while it wasn't enjoyable, both places tried to make things as comfortable as possible. At UW I had a private room, even...
  13. newsmanfan

    RIP Tim Conway

    Another great gone. Very sad to hear he had dementia. I bet he was as sweet as ever to the end, though.
  14. newsmanfan

    The New Am I The Only One Thread

    Papa John's is A) terrible pizza with substandard toppings, and B) policy from the top down of overworking their employees without fair compensation, time off, benefits, etc. Blast them into the bog of eternal stench. Domino's used to be awful, but a few years ago they revamped their menu and...
  15. newsmanfan

    Favorite MCU Movie

    Top 5: Avengers: Infinity War The Avengers Thor: Ragnarok Captain America: Civil War Guardians of the Galaxy What really impresses me is the continuity of all the films. Such a well-planned story arc with the Infinity Stones and Thanos, and great character development from film to film with...
  16. newsmanfan

    Avenge the Fallen!

    Having to wait til next weekend due to schedule conflicts. Annoying, but as long as I can successfully avoid ALL spoilers I'll live. Did you guys see the google Easter egg today? Google "Thanos" and click on the gauntlet that appears. It's cute.
  17. newsmanfan

    The new What Made You Smile Today thread

    Skrimp are tineh and cute and not edible like their saltwater cousins. Neocardinia.
  18. newsmanfan

    What made you think today?

    Fire started by renovation, accidentally. Although I saw a truly wonderful twitter thread by Oliver Willis making Evil Michele Obama fanfic out of the conspiracy theory that "the libs" somehow started the fire. Utterly hilarious.
  19. newsmanfan

    The new What Made You Smile Today thread

    My work partner Lewis has stated this year for Halloween he's just going to "dress up" as the horse from Holy Grail...by coming to work in normal clothes, and bringing a couple of coconuts.
  20. newsmanfan

    Learn Something New Everyday Thread

    Read Henson's biography. Lots of chapters touch on that as well.