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Search results

  1. Princeton

    Email from Bernie Labarge

    I recently sent a fan email to Bernie Labarge (the lead guitarist on all Fraggle Rock recording sessions) asking if he had any special memories of working on the show and I thought you would all like to hear his response: "Hi Brian, Very nice to hear from a Fraggle fan. I was just breaking...
  2. Princeton

    Ingrid appreciation thread

    Ingrid, of course, being wife to Humphrey and mother to Baby Natasha. I've always thought Ingrid was a very underrated character with a great voice ( I swear, it's the only character Joey Mazarrino performed that doesn't sound like all his other characters) and a great overall design. In...
  3. Princeton

    Muppet Villains: A Case Study

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and I don’t think we’ve actually had an in depth discussion about the Muppet film/TV villains on a case by case so I thought ding that would be fun and incite some good discussion. First, some housekeeping stuff: I’ve only seen The Muppets 2011 once...
  4. Princeton

    RIP Louis Zorich

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/celebrity/louis-zorich-paul-reisers-dad-on-mad-about-you-dies-at-93/ar-BBIA7Rt Zorich is best known (at least to Muppet fans) as Pete from "Muppets Take Manhattan". I posted this before, but I've always loved his performance in that film. Most celebrities in...
  5. Princeton

    Meteora questions

    One of my favorite Muppet characters is Meteora from The Christmas Toy and I would love to build my own puppet version of her. However by watching the special I can't tell what her mouth mechanism is. If I had to guess I would say either a Waldo or headstick. Anyone have any ideas?
  6. Princeton

    The Catherine Tate thread

    Even for me this might seem like a random thing to post about but it's been on my mind for a while and luckily I can kick it off in a somewhat Muppety way. Remember how 1981 was the unofficial year of Miss Piggy? Every store you went in there were Piggy calendars, cups, magazine covers, etc...
  7. Princeton

    Fraggle Rock/Seinfeld parallels

    Along with Fraggle Rock, another one of my favorite TV series is Seinfeld and I was recently thinking that the latter half of both series has something very specific in common. Both series had several episodes that were very Avant Garde and in the opinion of many clashed with the already...
  8. Princeton

    No Day but Today-"Six Characters in Search of a Solution"

    ***This ‘lost’ episode sets up the plot for the following season, which was of course never produced. I’m toying with posting a few episodes from that season at some point** No Day but Today: “Six Characters in Search of a Solution” Written and Created by Princeton Starring Princeton as...
  9. Princeton

    No Day but Today-"Prinny in Pink"

    No Day but Today: “Prinny in Pink” (Lost Episode) Written and Created by Princeton Starring Princeton as Himself Redboobergurl as Puddin’ Rue McClanahan as Granny Mae Amanda Seyfried as Madison Robin De Jesus as Hector Christopher Lee as Brighton Jerry Stiller as the voice of Mr. Gus...
  10. Princeton

    E-mail from Larry Mirkin

    So I recently e-mailed Larry Mirkin (one of the executive producers for FR) and asked him what his favorite/least favorite episodes of the series were. I thought you'd like to see his incredibly detailed and thoughtful reply. "Hi Brian, Thanks for this lovely note. Since you’re such a fan...
  11. Princeton

    The Decline of DVD Commentaries

    I know that DVD audio commentaries are an acquired taste for some but I thoroughly enjoy listening to them and I've found that in the past two years, there has been a major decline in the quality of DVD audio commentaries and I was wondering if anyone else has picked up on this. I'll give you...
  12. Princeton

    Biff and Sully appreciation thread

    Anybody else remember these guys? They were construction workers; Biff was purple and performed by Jerry and Sully was orange and didn't speak but was puppeteered by Richard. After Richard died, Sully was retired (which makes no sense if he was a mute character, anybody could've thrown him...
  13. Princeton

    Jim Henson's Animal Show Revisited

    Feel free to move this if needed. The Animal Show With Stinky and Jake was an educational show about animals that aired on the Discovery Channel circa 1996. While it had great music and I learned a lot from it, I always felt awkward watching it, which was mainly due to the time it aired. This...
  14. Princeton

    No Day But Today: The Lost Episodes

    The history of No Day But Today has been covered elsewhere, but here is an archival refresher for those who might need it. Around about 2004, there was a role-play thread on the forum called "The Moppet Family" that many people thought of as a sitcom even though it didn't exactly follow that...
  15. Princeton

    Buffy discussion thread

    I've noticed there's never been much discussion about Buffy, a Native American character that was featured on Sesame Street throughout the 70's and 80's. What I like about her inclusion was that Sesame Street was so good and prolific about having characters from as many...
  16. Princeton

    "Sing" Question

    Between the Lena Horne performance on TMS and the Alaina Reed version on Sesame Street, which version is closer to the original published version of “Sing”?
  17. Princeton

    Swedish Chef Theme

    Where could one get the instrumental Swedish Chef theme just by itself?
  18. Princeton

    Jim's Last Projects

    Has anyone else found that the last few projects that Jim worked on were pretty underwhelming? I'm mainly referring to Storyteller, Jim Henson Hour, Mother Goose Stories, Ghost of Faffner Hall, and Dog City.
  19. Princeton

    Level of digital puppetry

    Since computer animation was much more in vouge by the time The Muppets 2011 and Muppets Most Wanted were made, the temptation was there to make some of the more challenging puppet effects digital. I suspect that quite a substantial bit of Digital puppetry was used in those two films, but James...
  20. Princeton

    Kermit Unplugged Revisited

    Kermit Unplugged was a 1994 cover album featuring the Muppets and various celebrities. I had the cassette growing up which was subsequently lost and I just recently bought it again on CD. I'm sad to say that listening to it 21 years later was a rather awkward experience given Jerry's death and...