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Search results

  1. Soul H

    Take off your left shoe

    Does anybody remember the lyrics to this song? All I know is that it begins something like: "Take off your left shoe. That's a very nice thing to do" I think that it was sung by the Count. :confused:
  2. Soul H

    Is that his real name

    As we all know in some Mad Painter sketches the bald guy is referred to as Mac. But was Mac his real name? If not then does anybody know what the actors name is? I've been wondering this for a decade and a half. :confused:
  3. Soul H

    Small J cartoon in Spanish

    I saw on youtube.com a cartoon about the small letter J in spanish. Would anybody by chance know what the j words meant in english?
  4. Soul H

    8 Falling Figures

    Hey out there everybody. Remember the cartoon where 8 figures one by one fall to the ground making a screaming noise? If so do you remember this clip, what happens in the end? I think but am not sure that the 8 figures fly away screaming "EWWWW!!!"
  5. Soul H

    Number of the Day Question

    Hey guys. I was wondering, were there ever episodes when the number of the day was higher than 20? I keep having this stinging memory that there was a time when the number of the day was 22. Can anybody help me?
  6. Soul H

    Favourite Fluffy Sketches

    Hey out there, I wanna know what you're favourite Fluffy sketches are? My particular favourite is when Bob helped Fluffy play the right note on the trumpet.
  7. Soul H

    Exit song

    Hey guys. Can anybody help me the song "Exit" by Chris and The Aplhabeats? I've seen the video but I just want to hear how the song went. Can anybody help me?
  8. Soul H

    Charlie Chaplin Sketches

    Hey out there. What was your favourite Charlie Chaplin sketches? For me the funniest was the one when the shirts go in the top drawer, and the towels go in the bottom drawer. The way he started throwing them into the drawers was the icing on the cake.
  9. Soul H

    Big Bird's Birthday Question

    In the Sesame Street Special when it's Big Bird's birthday, I remember the letters and number were I and 4. For I they showed Monsterpiece Theatre's "The King and I", but what did they show for the number 4?
  10. Soul H

    Number Cartoons

    Does anybody remember this cartoon when a number is sitting in the middle of nowhere then that number of people or creatures pick up the number and bring into their home, then obscurity happens to the number making that number of animals or beasts? All I know is that in the beginning kids...
  11. Soul H

    Who is this guy?

    I've been often pondering this question. In Rock 'N' Roll Request Show, Jackman has a photo of Little Jerry and his Monotones. In the picture it shows Little Jerry, Big Jeffy, and another fat blue guy who I know isn't Chrissy. The question is who exactly, is the other fat blue guy?
  12. Soul H

    What's the name of that song?

    Does anybody know the name of the song that Ernie used to listen to on the radio? The song was used in the Laundry Sketch and when Ernie was messing with the volume control of the radio.
  13. Soul H

    Mahna Mahna - Some, None and All

    Hey guys, does anybody know the words to the sketch where Mahna Mahna talks about Some, None and All using AM's and Anything Monsters? I have the clip only it's in spanish. Any help would be appriciated.
  14. Soul H

    Numbers - Swedish Animation

    Hey guys. You know those cartoons to which are called Swedish Animation right? In case you don't understand what I'm talking about, it's those cartoons when either Maria or Gordon count the number of animals or things that require the number of the day, and the sketch ends with the days number...
  15. Soul H

    Grover the Waiter - The #9 Special of the Day

    Does anybody know what happens in this sketch? All I know is that it ended with Grover giving Fat Blue a number 9 on a plate. And what were the items on the menu?
  16. Soul H

    Dr. Nobel Price's "Inventions"

    As we all know, Dr. Nobel Price, made quote-end-quote "inventions" that were already invented. But exactly what were his so called inventions and what did he call them?
  17. Soul H

    What's My Part - Nose

    In the game What's My Part, there were monsters as constestents. As we all know Cookie Monster was one of them, but what were the names of the other two monsters? I know one was a boy and one was a girl. By the way, what body parts did they guess?
  18. Soul H

    The G Song

    Does anybody know the lyrics to the G song? I'm not referring to the one with Gover and George, I'm referring to the boy and girl duet with the birdy singing the deep part. Whoever can help me out will really make my day.
  19. Soul H

    Jazzy Spies #2, 5, and 10

    Does anybody know what happened in Jazzy Spies #2, 5 and 10? All i know is that a biker with a 2 on his shirt goes up to the screen, a football player with a 5 on his jersey goes up to the screen and a man holding a flag with a 10 closes in on the 10. And at what point does Grace Slick...
  20. Soul H

    Vintage Sesame Street question

    Does anybody know who owns the sketches "Chocolate Cake" and "Clean Up!!"? Because for some reason they won't download and I want to know why.