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Search results

  1. GuySmileyfan

    Concern for the Future of the Muppets

    Hi, I hope I don't get this the wrong way, but since we haven't heard from the Muppets since their last tv show (Exception for the couple events of Muppets Takes the Bowl and Takes the O2), I'm starting to feel the Muppets might be fading away from time to time. I've just found out that the...
  2. GuySmileyfan

    Your Opinions: Should Kermit Perform on Dancing With the Stars?

    Hey everybody, I remember the last interview with Kermit the Frog and Tom Bergeron last month about next season's Dancing With the Stars. And Tom wants to see Kermit to be on that show. http://geeknation.com/videos/exclusive-a-capitol-fourth-interview-with-tom-bergeron-and-kermit/...
  3. GuySmileyfan

    Guy Smiley Is Back! HALLELUJAH!

    Great news everybody! Guy Smiley has returned! WHEE! Here are the new game show sketches with Cookie monster. You know, this the first time that Guy Smiley has a female announcer.
  4. GuySmileyfan

    Will new "classic" Guy Smiley sketches return for Season 40?

    Hi everybody, I'm feeling a bit anxious since Guy Smiley made his comeback next year. So since he's back, does this mean they're going to return Beat the Time and Here Is Your Life? Or some new game shows? Just curious.
  5. GuySmileyfan

    Here Is Your Life (Disney Version): Oliver

    Hey everybody, I know it's been a while that I'm making a fanfic of Guy Smiley's Beat the Time and Here Is Your Life. And now, I'm back doing another episode of Here Is Your Life Disney Version. And this time, it's going to be about Oliver the orange kitten from Oliver & Company. And it's...
  6. GuySmileyfan

    Muppets Take Manhattan DVD question

    Hey everyone, I have a question about the DVD of Muppets Take Manhattan. I heard on Muppet Wiki that DVD version had edited. They said they edited the part where Art Carney was holding Camilla and Gonzo as hostage when Animal was holding the doorway and says "Bad Man." Is it true or is it...
  7. GuySmileyfan

    Concern about Rowlf

    Hey everybody, First of all I'm glad Rowlf was mentioned on youtube and Letters To Santa. But I'm very concerned about him. Since he got a new voice, a lot of people were saying it sounded like Hobo the Bear. And I'm kind of concerned about it if Rowlf will ever get mention a lot in the...
  8. GuySmileyfan

    Muppet Stageshow at DCA

    Hey everybody, Since we've been hearing that Disney is bringing back the classic Muppets and planning a new Muppet movie coming in 2010, I think they should do a Muppet Stageshow at the Hollywood Pictures Backlot Stage. And since they invented the talking Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker, they should...
  9. GuySmileyfan

    TMS Outline-Savion Glover

    Hi Iwas thinking that maybe if the Muppet Show is coming back on TV, I think a perfect special guest will be Savion Glover. He is a tremendous tap dancer. And in this episode, Savion wants Kermit to tap dance with him and he and Kermit tap danced together in the end of the show. Opening...
  10. GuySmileyfan

    The Muppets Take Manhattan Alternate Ending

    Hey everybody, I just come up an alternate ending for The Muppets Take Manhattan. The wedding scene will stay. I was thinking to add a scene probably during or after the credits. In this scene, the Muppets musical Manhattan Melodies just won 8 Tony Awards including Best Musical in 1984. Yes...
  11. GuySmileyfan

    Beat the Time with Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers

    Here it is, as a request. (The scene starts with the title sign. It’s the same title card from Guy Smiley Action Figure set. Like so: http://www.blister.jp/images-item-big/ref2-2267.jpg We hear the drum roll and the announcer is speaking.) Announcer: And now, it’s time for everybody’s favorite...
  12. GuySmileyfan

    Hunt For Happiness

    Hi everybody, I found this funny classic Sesame Street's three part sketch called Hunt For Happiness. It's a silly sketch which is suppose to be a soap opera, but this deals with problem solving and frustration. Here it is and...
  13. GuySmileyfan

    Beat the Time with Chip 'N' Dale

    (The scene starts with the title logo with yellow stars with a light blue background and we hear the drum roll. The announcer starts announcing.) Announcer: And now it’s time for everybody’s favorite long running game show, Beat the Time! (Audience cheers and the scene fades to a game show set.)...
  14. GuySmileyfan

    Meal or No Meal, Which Episode?

    Hi everybody, I saw half of it when Sesame Street did Meal Or No Meal and I would love to see it in full version. So, is there an episode that has Meal Or No Meal that I can find please? Because I really like to see it. Thank you.
  15. GuySmileyfan

    This Is Your Story: Scooby Doo

    I come up a Guy Smiley's This Is Your Story sketch with Scooby Doo. To warn you, you may not know some of his relatives that much except for one relative. Anyway, here it is: (A This Is Your Story sign was shown and we hear the announcer whispering.) Announcer: (Whispering) And now it’s time...
  16. GuySmileyfan

    Here Is Your Life (Disney Version): Copper

    Hi everybody, Yet again I have yet again a Disney version of Here Is Your Life. Today's guest is Copper from Fox and the Hound. I know you guys are not great fans of my Here Is Your Life fanfic because of Disney. But I'm a Disney fanatic. That's what I am. Warning: The couple of characters...
  17. GuySmileyfan

    Here Is Your Life (Disney Version): Simba

    Here's another episode of Here Is Your Life Disney Version. This for all of you Lion King fans. Hope I'm popular for that. Anyway, here it is. (The whole setting is a savannah version tv studio. The organ starts playing. The audience are cheering and two spotlights flying around. And then we...
  18. GuySmileyfan

    FanFic: The Muppets Take Over Disneyland Summer Event

    Hey everybody, I just come up a three month long summer event. When Muppets takes over Disneyland. It all started on the first day of summer, there was opening ceremony in front of Sleeping Beauty. Mickey and his friends are going on vacation to Disney's California Adventure and their Toontown...
  19. GuySmileyfan

    Here Is Your Life (Disney Version): Mowgli

    Hi you guys, I just come up a new version of Here Is Your Life. Forgive me if it's silly, but I'm making a Disney version of it. I'm very curious how Guy Smiley meet some Disney characters. Because I'm a Disney fanatic. And today's guest is Mowgli from The Jungle Book. Enjoy. (The title logo...
  20. GuySmileyfan

    Beat the Time with Miss Piggy

    (Title logo was shown and we hear the announcer.) Announcer: And now ladies and gentlemen, it's time for everybody's favorite long running and emmy award winning stunt show, Beat the Time! (The logo fades and we're in the studio setting. The setting will be the same thing as Count's Beat the...