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  1. muppetmash

    Introducing myself

    Thanks man!
  2. muppetmash

    Herry Monster puppet

    Hello everybody, Does anyone know if the Herry Monster puppet was just sold in a box or loose with tags? Asking this because I own a Herry Monster puppet with the plastic tags. Thanks
  3. muppetmash

    Selling some vintage Vicma sesame street/ Bendy muppet/ 3 Bendy fraggle rock dolls

    Hi, Do you still have these puppets? I figured you do because no one has replied except me. Thanks
  4. muppetmash

    Introducing myself

    Hello, I’ve noticed that I’ve never introduced myself on this platform. I collect Muppet and Sesame Street puppets, research on the Sesame and Muppet puppets, and love to watch any of Jim Hensons work. I’ve always thought It’s fascinating how much creativity Henson had to think about the...
  5. muppetmash

    Searching for Vicma puppets

    Hello everyone I’ve been searching for the vintage Vicma Barrio Sesamo puppets. I would like to know if anyone has some extras that they are willing to sale. I’m specifically looking to Trudy/Betty Lou and Professor Siestas/ Professor Hastings. Thank you