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Recent content by simon42

  1. simon42

    Catastrophic new Daily Bit

    I not only love it, but it reaffirms why I'm so obsessed with this toy line!
  2. simon42

    Would you guys help me out?

    Okay, this is totally not muppet related BUT I am a big Survivor fan and there is currently a poll underway for who we would like to see on Survivor All-Stars? Would you all be so kind as to go to that poll and vote Rob. It's at www.survivornews.net and is on the right hand side of the screen...
  3. simon42

    Pre-ToyFair Pics???

    My understanding was that club members would see pics of the new stuff (or at least some of it) prior to Toy Fair. As Toy Fair is very very close, can we still expect to see some sneak peeks? Thanks
  4. simon42

    I've Seen First Mate Piggy!

    Yeah Ken, might we see a clearer pic?? Pretty please!!
  5. simon42

    Anyone win a Holiday Kermit...

    I did! Yay!!
  6. simon42

    Palisades Holiday Kermit Lottery

    Actually everyone will win this way -- many who win "the lottery" will simply put him on ebay, and with all those available, the price should go down for ebay bidders.
  7. simon42

    Ask Ken at Palisades

    Ken, your "lips" are sealed. Might that be a hint? Hmm...
  8. simon42

    Ask Ken at Palisades

    But isn't Janice's hair yellow?
  9. simon42

    Series 2 Arrives: When and Where

    Yep, it's actually "free." I looked it up in Black's Law Dictionary just to be sure. I agree that "freight" would make more sense though.
  10. simon42

    Series 2 Arrives: When and Where

    As a lawyer, I actually know this! It stands for Free on Board. It's used to designate at what point the seller's responsibility to deliver the goods ends. Like FOB Atlanta would mean the seller bears responsibility for making sure the items arrive safely in Atlanta -- after that point, risk...
  11. simon42

    Ask Ken at Palisades

    Personally, I'd rather see the Muppet Babies as an action figure playset. It could have a crib, rocky horse, all that junk. In my opinion, that would be incredibly awesome.
  12. simon42

    Ask Ken at Palisades

    Thanks Ken for the answer on Rowlf. Also, might we see pics of Series 4 prior to Toy Fair? I know we saw Series 3 pics way before Series 2 arrived. No prob, just curious.
  13. simon42

    Ask Ken at Palisades

    Ken, now that you've given us a heads up on next year's line, might we have a clue as to your plans for Naked Rowlf??
  14. simon42

    Customizing Questions

    I'm thinking of doing some customizing this weekend and had a couple of questions: 1) What is the best paint to use, and 2) How do I remove existing paint? Thanks so much!!
  15. simon42

    Ask Ken at Palisades

    Yeah, February is going to rock! We get Series 3 (hopefully) and we get to see all the other stuff coming out (including our first glimpse of Janice!!). Ken, when you said you decided to make Janice "sing," did you mean that literally??