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    My latest replica - Bert

    "Peter alexander" sell adult size Ernie tops as part of their current line.
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    My Audrey II Adventure

    mine so far can be found here
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    My Audrey II Adventure

    they look great :)
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    My Audrey II Adventure

    they look great :)!! I'm about to start a set of Audrey II's aswell. had not though of expander foam to sculpt the lips!!! the shape of your pods has a nice curve on them. GREAT job!!! :) :) :)
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    Building Elmo: Need help!

    Hey fuzzyred how are you where in aus are you? I'm in melb and a puppet maker more than happy to help you out if you still need assistance with this?
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    Arm Rod Tutorial - Step By Step

    I also put Shrinky on the rod as Buck said :)
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    Arm Rod Tutorial - Step By Step

    This is exactly how I've been doing My rods. only ever had to replace one set as I was doing a show that had pyros in it and the shrink melted. :eek:
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    FS: Placido Muppet/Puppet

    any chance of pics?
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    Studying Puppetry

    Sounds cool :) I was in the inaugural class of the no defunctVCA's Post graduate in Puppetry coarse (which was spectacular spending a hole year doing puppetry full time) Any coarse offered by tertiary institutions in Australia is a step in the right direction
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    Whatnot ArmRods

    Shrink tube works amazingly well on spring steel rods
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    My SECOND ever attempt at making a puppet ......Red!!

    was that made using the butterick pattern? or did you create your own?
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    Crazy Orange Monster

    Hi Jarrod Im A puppet maker in Melbourne and I would love to know where you get your eyes from or do you custom make them? also is the fur on this guy purchased as is or distressed by you? Cheers for any answers you can give :) Also I do realise this should probably be in the making section lol
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    Wanted: Unedited Version Of Emmitt Otter's Jugband Christmas

    i have a copy on vhs from the 80s origional version not sure if its the one you want old video store copy